Overcoming Blogger’s Block: Step 1

So yesterday I hopped on twitter and made a confession: I’ve been having a horrible case of the dreaded bloggers block lately. You’ve probably experienced the feeling too in one way or another (even if you’re not a blogger)…maybe you were stuck while trying to write an important paper, needed to draw something brilliant and could only muster a half-hearted stick figure, or just stared in the fridge listlessly and realized that you have no idea what you’re looking for in there (err…I mean, no idea what to cook for supper). Whatever the type of block may be, when it parks itself in your brain, it’s no fun. Am I right, or am I right?

In any case, I received some incredibly lovely supportive tweets and several suggestions for breaking through the block. The main ones were:

  1. get away from the computer
  2. go outside
  3. take some photos

Excellent advice…so I did all three. To be honest I really just decided to leave the house so that I’d be doing something other than staring at a blank screen and fighting off tears of frustration, but you know what…after the first couple photos I started to feel world’s better. So my blogger’s block isn’t completely gone, but at least I had a lovely evening and can share a little bit of that with you here today. Step 1: Get a change of scenery – completed!

Next up, Overcoming Blogger’s Block: Step 2 – not sure what that is yet, but I’ll keep you posted. xo Ez

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  1. Susan S / / Reply

    Love that first photo of the cardinal. He's a beauty and your photo is lovely!

  2. Heather B / / Reply

    Well, I'm a little disappointed that you didn't take my summer vacation essay idea ;-p Seriously though, Ez my dear, your are a wonderful blogger and I know you'll get past bloggers block. These photos and lovely and inspiring! You're an extremely creative and curious person so I KNOW that a new batch of inspiration is right around the corner for you. It can't not happen!

  3. Ez / / Reply

    Thanks so much Susan, Donaville, Hannah, and Heather!
    @ Heather – Your suggestion was great…but unfortunately I haven't taken a vacation in who knows how long. So maybe an essay on what I didn't do over the Summer is in order. ;-)

  4. Emily @ Peck Life / / Reply

    I feel this way too sometimes. A few weeks ago, I stepped away from the computer and decided to clean out a closet and see what I could find. I came across a bunch of old craft supplies, and my grandpa's stamp collection….which turned into a day of cataloging and organizing and eventually ended in a project that I photpgraphed and was able to use as a post. :) Sometimes stuff hiding around your house makes spurs creativity.

  5. Cecilia / / Reply

    Do something out of your routine. Go on an adventure. Sit in a part of your city/town that you don't usually go to.

    I love the simple advice of taking more photos. It's a great way to re-process what you've done with your day and be extra mindful.

    Good luck with beating the block!

  6. Leah @ Freutcake / / Reply

    Your photos are gorgeous Ez! I always find that getting out helps the block, going to a museum, restaurant I've been dying to try, going for a walk…all these things help.

  7. Pippa @ Beads and Barnacles / / Reply

    Def getting out of the house is a good idea. you need to find something you are interested in to get back into blogging. Or just stop trying to post all together, if you have no inspiration for it dont try. Then at some point you will get a blast of inspiration and then you will know what to write.
    Just stay confident.

  8. Kristi aka Fiberfool / / Reply

    Thanks for posting this! The pictures are gorgeous and spring is much farther along for you so it gives me something to look forward. I've had a recent change of job etc. on top of a major house issue that has about 3/4 of our living space in "construction" (or rather destruction) mode so I've lacked the usual blogging topics (cooking and knitting) so there have been many looong silences! I'm inspired to take a walk over my lunch break tomorrow and capture some of my surroundings!

  9. Casey / / Reply

    It's nice to know that creative people I admire get stuck sometimes, too! :)
    Something I do that tends to spark ideas and creativity is browse through my own sketchbooks and notebooks. When I am at my day job or away from my creative space, I write little ideas down and scribble drawings and diagrams to remember for later. When I'm feeling uninspired, I look through my sketchbook and remember those great ideas I had before! That often sparks some motivation to get going and try out some new ideas. Starting random craft projects seems to help me, too.

    I love that cardinal pic! Sadly, I've never seen one in real life.

  10. Kimberly / / Reply

    Boy can I relate! It's somewhat reassuring to know that even people with blogs as amazing as yours go through the same thing. Not that I would ever wish it on anyone, but I'm sure it makes many of us feel less alone.

    Your pictures are gorgeous, so I guess when all else fails and you can think of anything to say, just give people something to look at! :P

    Off to take your advice and go on a walk with my dog right now!

  11. lamina @ do a bit / / Reply

    I'm suffering a bit too… blogger and creative block…. it's driving me a bit mental! It is so true that you have to get away from your current surroundings and get a fresh view on things! You have inspired me to take my camera out with me to the park today and take some photos! Thank you :)

  12. katiecrackernuts / / Reply

    Sometimes I think it's more about audience anxiety. If we wrote posts like no one was reading, would they be different. Mine invariably are and often more true to why I started the blog in the first place.

  13. sha / / Reply

    don't worry, i've been having blogger's block off and on and i realized you do just have to step away and not think "too much" about it.

    p.s. you're a great blogger, so don't worry. =)

  14. Tan / / Reply

    Yes, often just getting away from teh source of frustration breathes fresh air into the situation!
    Here's hoping your BB doesn't last long!

  15. Chase l Oh the Cuteness! / / Reply

    Always good advice when you've got a creative block going on. Mine comes and goes, and I'm such a cheater: I avoid showing it by doing a ton of blog posts while I'm feeling creative and saving the non-time-sensitive ones to post later when I'm feeling boring!

  16. Janae Wise / / Reply

    Don't you think it's kind of ironic how many bloggers write a blog about their life, but a blog can easily become your life, and before you now it, all you do is blog and don't have a life. I know from experience, a blog can become very consuming and it doesn't help the writer's blog one wit.

    Love the picture of the birdie, btw.

  17. olivia / / Reply

    I absolutely love that first photo! I start baking when I need to kickstart a rut.. sometimes a good brownie is all it takes!

  18. Ez / / Reply

    Gosh, you guys have just brightened my entire week with your kind and supportive comments. Thank you so so much! While I wish that none of us ever had to go through tough times, it is so wonderful to know that I'm not alone. Thank you for being here and encouraging me to keep on keepin' on. xox Ez

  19. Jo Way / / Reply

    Thanks for sharing – and it's good to know that those blocks happen to the best of us. It's great that you got photos this beautiful out of all the frustration!

  20. Sarah / / Reply

    I think that blocks in the creative process are necessary to growth, and I admire your willingness to open up about it. Have faith that something new could be waiting for you on the other side.

    When I was in college, we used to sit around in the dorm lobby and write haikus on a given theme, or we'd all have to use specific words. It always made me happy when I was down.

  21. Agustina / / Reply

    Ez, just yesterday i did the same thing, i looked up to the trees and made some photos to the leaves, great way to unlock your mind…. xoxox Tina

  22. Steffi / / Reply

    Ez, you are sooooo cute. As a journalist (& blogger)I have to write almost every day funny, interesting or (the worst) very important (difficult, but easy looking) stuff. I'm very familiar with what you're going through. What helps me if nothing else helps: to jump. To turn on some really good music and just jump through the appartment (if I'm lucky to write at home). And to have little presents for myself (after I finish an article) – like my favourite coffee of the town. Like a very good meal at my favourite restaurant. Some online shoppnig. And cleaning the appartment helps most times too. I most times get the best first sentences while cleaning the dishes. I guess you experienced this as well, right? You are a brilliant writer, a highly creative person, a person that is so special that you could even write about nothing important or special because of you it becomes special. Alright? So just start writing again and the panic will be gone! Trust me! Lots of writer's love from Germany to you – Steffi

  23. jutta / / Reply

    Lively bird and beautiful flowers. Spring is coming. I like the mild weather and the wonderful sight in Spring.

  24. anastasia / / Reply

    oh i hear ya! i too get it often – even creative slumps
    I tend to take time out from everything which helps – i also go back to reading my novel, or magazines – real magazines that require you to sit curled up on a couch…i explore my neighbourhood, go to a cafe and people watch, day dream….i also write 'blog post idea' lists so I have ideas of what Id like to blog about
    and have my set posts too….like Etsy picks of the week….

    here is my latest blog post – Inspiration now!

  25. Rosalind / / Reply

    Just read a great post on Braid blog about this being a sign of not enough work/life balance :-)

  26. Jess / / Reply

    Beautiful post; I love the birdy shot. The change of scenery was a fantastic idea. This block shall, too, pass. xxx

  27. lebenslustiger / / Reply

    Just realised shortly ago that taking photos for my blog makes me incredible happy. Like happy happy. It's a true treasure. So, definitely, getting away from the screen is a very good thing and I want to do that much more often. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

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