Souvenir Foto School: Day 8 – H for Honey

Souvenir Foto School: H for Honey

Day eight of Souvenir Foto School! I made it through a week…woohoo! We had another day of greyish yucky light today, so I was struggling to feel inspired for the assignment. Fortunately we have “Honey” an adorable new furry family member, and she requested to be my model for the letter “H” today. I wasn’t about to turn her down!

Not related to photography…I just have to mention what a fun little critter Honey is. This is our first time owning a guinea pig, and she’s already made herself right at home…happily munching on fruits and veggies, chirping like a bird and purring when she’s happy (so odd, and amazing), and driving our dogs crazy with her skittery ways (our male dog just stares at her longingly all day long). xo Ez

If you’d like you can also find all my images in individual and diptych form for this month-long class challenge over in my flickr album. | Souvenir Foto School is offered by Besotted Brand.

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  1. Rebecca / / Reply

    Oh, isn't she an adorable little thing. I also have a Honey – my cat. She was called Honey when we adopted her, and it suits her colour and personality. I've really enjoyed seeing your daily photos :)

  2. Jule / / Reply

    awww, i love that one! remembers me of my childhood days, when i had guniea pigs myself. they are so gentle and even sweeter once they have a handsome guinea pig partner :)

  3. Zelde / / Reply

    Oh, she is sweet and I love the pictures too. :) I'm a little concerned though, are you keeping her alone? Guniea Pigs really should not be kept alone, it's even illegal where i come from ( Switzerland). They are such social animals and two really don't make any difference in effort to one.


  4. Dorkys / / Reply

    Oh she's so cute, Ez! Your daughter must be over the moon with her new pet and you've captured some nice portraits of Honey. That fur color and those beady little eyes! I never would've imagined that you were having lighting issues at all.

  5. Nicole / / Reply

    these pictures are great! i love guinea pigs. i used to have the best guinea pig in the whole world – his name was Lenny and he was just the cutest sweetest thing in the world. his favorite snack was parsley and cilantro :)

  6. Katie / / Reply

    Oh goodness, she's a cutie! My family once had to take care of my sister's class pet guinea pig and our dear old dog would stare at the cage and whimper. Your dogs will probably get used to Honey eventually, but it sounds like they'll be adorable about her for awhile!

  7. Tami Von Zalez / / Reply

    She is a cutie – check out my girls at

  8. Robin / / Reply

    Aww how cute! I had two guinea pigs growing up: Cocoa and Sprinkles. They were so adorable, just like this little guy!

  9. Ez / / Reply

    Oh thank you all so much for your sweet comments about our little Honey. We are truly in love with her already. Such a great new addition to our family!
    @Zelde – You've made a good point. Thank you. Yes, we are definitely keeping a second guinea pig in mind. However she was the last of her litter so we would want to be sure to find her a good match that she is happy with. I have read that they can be very territorial with other guinea pigs. At the moment she is spending almost all her time with us being spoiled rotten with love and cuddles.
    xo Ez

  10. Amy - Thank You Cards Shop / / Reply

    oh my goodness – honey is so so cute! love these pics of her :)

  11. Tracey Fisher / / Reply

    The pictures of Honey are cute overload. I especially love the last one. It looks like she just came from the hair salon. My daughter has been bugging us for a guinea pig for almost a year now. We may foster one to see if we (and our dog) can handle it. You have to be honest Ez – smelly?? In the meantime, I hope my Ali doesn't catch site of this post.

  12. CSLewisbuff / / Reply

    Laughing out loud! We, too, just got a sweet guinea pig…which is driving our American Bulldog insane. The dog doesn't quite understand why the guinea isn't at all interested in playing with her:).

  13. Maggy / / Reply

    I love guineas!! We had one named Honey once. Now we have two fat girls named Mavis and Bean. :)

  14. zeenona / / Reply

    your guinea pig is sweet. I have 4 of them and it's good to see how communicative they can be. a partner for your one is necessary (Honey looks really young and being alone can lead to abnormal behaviour). hope Honey will get a partner soon.

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