Loving: Secret Squirrel – Winter 2012

Okay, yes…I know we haven’t officially made it through winter of 2011 here in the Northern Hemisphere, but let’s not allow that stop us from having a group swoon-fest over the lovely (Australia-based) Secret Squirrel – Winter 2012 collection. Aren’t the colors and silhouettes just yummy! If you’re in the mood for more eye candy goodness, then be sure to visit the Secret Squirrel site to see the entire collection (available for purchase online in late February to early March). xo Ez

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  1. kristen / / Reply

    great feminine pieces – love the geometric skirt!! and so many other goodies in the shop! thanks for sharing.

  2. nikki / / Reply

    i love the geometric prints in those COLORS! oh, the colors, the geometry.

    but homegirl needs to close her mouth.

  3. Ieva / / Reply

    Ooh such a pretty collection :} Love it :} Especially the geometric and white skirt :] However, when our winters are about -20 Celsius cold, all those winter collections can be worn only at late spring :D By the way, thanks for sharing :} Your whole blog is very lovely :}

  4. kelly / / Reply

    lovely colors and shapes. Esp the neutral with the pops of colors. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Tan / / Reply

    Not only do I absolutely love their beautiful, elegant clothing, but they name is superb! Then again of course I'd think that since the word 'squirrel' is in it ;)

  6. Susan Hazel / / Reply

    Those triangle prints are perfect! Also love the A-line skirts and the short dress with the long sleeves. Nice Find!

  7. Megan / / Reply

    Triangles have made it big time this season! I like that skirt with the triangles. Geometric is in full swing from the runways to interiors -shapes are showcased!

  8. Marie / / Reply

    I love the pattern and color that are in this beautiful collection! Great find!

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