Souvenir Foto School: Day 7 – O for Obsessed

Souvenir Foto School: O for Obsessed

So I had to be creative with my subject title for today’s Souvenir Foto School assignment. Since I already used A, B, and C from the alphabet (remember, I have to use a different letter each day with no doubling up), I couldn’t title today’s diptych: “A for Aqua”, “B for Blue”, or “C for Collection.” So, I decided to pick up on the “feeling” side of things and went with “O for Obsessed.” Anything ranging in color from aqua to turquoise is an instant favorite of mine. I think it’s safe to say that I’m more than a little bit obsessed.

If you’d like you can also find all my images in individual and diptych form for this month-long class challenge over in my flickr album. | Souvenir Foto School is offered by Besotted Brand.