Souvenir Foto School: Day 7 – O for Obsessed

Souvenir Foto School: O for Obsessed

So I had to be creative with my subject title for today’s Souvenir Foto School assignment. Since I already used A, B, and C from the alphabet (remember, I have to use a different letter each day with no doubling up), I couldn’t title today’s diptych: “A for Aqua”, “B for Blue”, or “C for Collection.” So, I decided to pick up on the “feeling” side of things and went with “O for Obsessed.” Anything ranging in color from aqua to turquoise is an instant favorite of mine. I think it’s safe to say that I’m more than a little bit obsessed.

If you’d like you can also find all my images in individual and diptych form for this month-long class challenge over in my flickr album. | Souvenir Foto School is offered by Besotted Brand.

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So N.E.E.T.


  1. Tracey Fisher / / Reply

    I love turquoise too! This is great – and I really love the close up of the nest – the texture with the turquoise – fantastic!

  2. AnnOnandOn / / Reply

    Don't you feel more creative already? I am really enjoying your post. Where do you go to make collages?

  3. Ez / / Reply

    Thank you Mary, Tracey, and Ann! Honestly this series has been really challenging for me. I find that it's hard to just enjoy the process of photo taking when I'm worried about filling a daily requirement. With that being said though, it still is fun and a great way to push myself, so I'm glad I signed up to take the class. xo Ez

  4. mel / / Reply

    mmmMMMMmmm… totally right there with you Ez! Obsessed!! Love it… doesn't hurt its also practically my 'logo' for my blog too…. :o)
    Needle and Nest Design

  5. yvonne / / Reply

    The colours here are so beautifully paired and I can totally understand that you are obsessed by Turquoise/Aqua. I also love the framing!

  6. Ez / / Reply

    Gosh! Thank you all so much for your kind comments! xo Ez

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