Fashion Crush: Lauren Moffat – Spring 2012

After discovering the painterly Spring 2012 collection from Lauren Moffat via More Design Please, I instantly knew that I wanted to create a free printable for you all inspired by it. This beautiful skirt with it’s bold brushstrokes was my first inspiration, but as I painted different interpretations of the collection, I ended up falling for the more feminine nautical / geometric pieces and created a set of gift tags based on them that I’ll be sharing with you a little bit later today.

In the meantime, be sure to pop over to the Lauren Moffat blog to browse their full Spring 2012 collection. It’s all so incredibly lovely and inspiring. See you in just a few! xo Ez

P.S. I’m apparently a bit behind, since Lauren Moffat just shared this lovely video of their Fall 2012 collection on their blog. Sweets, I’m all for being ahead of the game, but I hope that for at least today it will be okay if I stick to Spring as my inspiration. Sound reasonable to you?!

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  1. Alison / / Reply

    As one who is hardly ever even in the game, I will just say WOW wow wow, those t-shirts and their off center buttons are rocking my world! xo

  2. fine little home / / Reply

    don't worry, you are not alone in just discovering these lovelies. i just posted one of her must have tops on my blog today too ; )

    ps love the tags!

  3. amy / / Reply

    is it healthy? normal? awesome? that i'm a 32 year woman who just squealed looking at the new line? man, oh man, i want all of it!

  4. jen v / / Reply

    wow what a great spring collection. i want every piece. also thank you for the inspired printables too. can't wait to use them. happy sunday!

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