Souvenir Foto School: Day 21 – T for Thread

Souvenir Foto School: T for Thread

Hi friends! Just popping in quickly to share my completed assignment for Souvenir Foto School. Today we finally have beautiful sunny weather, but even still I struggled to capture that light in my photos. I’m not exactly sure why. If I had a bit more time on my hands I would have messed around with it until I figured it out.

Anyhow, I ended up using the double foam core board bounce trick (that I shared in this post) to try to get as much natural light as possible into the shots. Overall they really are a lot murkier than I would prefer, but I like them enough to leave them alone (okay…I didn’t exactly leave them completely alone since I did brighten them a tad in photoshop).

And now I’m off to get a haircut. I’ve been loving my shorter cut that I got in January, and am thinking about taking it a bit shorter still. Fingers crossed that it turns out okay and I don’t walk out of the salon looking like a Q-tip. xo Ez

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  1. Sarah / / Reply

    So pretty and bright, I think you captured the light pretty well! Love the subject matter. xo

  2. mosey / / Reply

    These look great – I especially like the 2nd photo. You really have a fantastic eye!

  3. jen v / / Reply

    I think all of your photos from your class are lovely. you always hit a cord with me with the palettes you choose and the simple styling you incorporate. ps how did your haircut turn out ? :)

  4. Ez / / Reply

    Thank you all so much for your sweet comments. I'm blushing!
    @ Jen – My haircut turned out pretty well (thank heavens). You can see a picture of it over on my Instagram page right here.

  5. Kalle / / Reply

    Would you be willing to share what the orange print fabric is? what designer/collection?


  6. Ez / / Reply

    Hi Kalle! Unfortunately the selvedge is almost gone from the cut of fabric I have, and there is no designer or manufacturer information listed on the portion remaining. The only bit of info I can think of to share, is that I purchased the fabric at a JoAnn's fabric store several months ago. It's possible that they might carry that fabric in a store near you or even online. Sorry I don't have more useful info for you.
    xo Ez

  7. samia / / Reply

    gorgeous photography! this really inspired me can you please share how you did this….. i am going through learning photography stage myself… it would be alot of help! thanks

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