Souvenir Foto School: Day 11 – R for Ribbons


Today for my Souvenir Foto School assignment I just wanted to capture the simple beauty of some of my favorite metallic ribbons from my craft stash. The light has been really challenging lately, but I discovered that if I hold two white foam core boards on either side of my subject it bounces in a decent enough light (I used to only use one).

My little “technique” must be pretty comical to observe too. Imagine me (not exactly the most graceful creature alive) trying to focus my camera and hold one board in my left hand, while adjusting levels and depressing the shutter release with my right pointer finger while trying to hold the second board steady in my right hand. Hehe!

If you’d like you can also find all my images in individual and diptych form for this month-long class challenge over in my flickr album. | Souvenir Foto School is offered by Besotted Brand.