The Business Cards of Alt Summit 2012

Hi guys! I thought I’d start my Alt Summit posts off by sharing some of the many awesome business cards I collected while attending. This year I wasn’t as prepared as I was the year before, so I only had standard cards to pass out. I must have had a momentary brain-lapse and forgotten how impressive all the cards were last year. It was kind of embarrassing handing mine out by comparison. Anyhow…here are a few of my faves that I arranged by the common themes that I spotted. I hope you enjoy. And by all means, be sure to pay a visit to some of the bloggers/businesses represented here (plus it took me ages to add in all the links, so it will make me really happy if you enjoy them). Everyone is super nice and talented…if you hadn’t already figured that out. xo Ez

Turquoise crush:

Love Creative Blog | Linniebell Design | Turquoise Ink | Seconsister | Sweet Muffin Suite | Michelle Edgemont | Okay…this last one is totally not a business card, but I couldn’t help but include the gorgeous letterpress coaster by Henry + Co. (given to speakers by Mail Chimp) along with these other turquoise beauties.

Pink and Black Pop:

Little Bird Soda Co. (I really hope she sponsors at Alt next year so we can have the chance to taste her yummy organic sodas) | SF Girl by Bay (Victoria hit it out of the park with her awesome tattoo “cards”) | Joy of all Crafts (check out how she made her DIY Fabric-backed Business Cards here) | Armelle (P.S. I road in a car seat in the backseat of Caroline’s car while at Alt – true story) | Biggest Little | Rachel & The City |  Camille Styles (check out her tutorial for her classy DIY Gilded Business Cards) | Beeteeth – the other side is a sticker!


Spark | The Bedlam of Beefy (Bradford is one of the sweetest and funniest gents you’ll ever meet – even more beguiling than the illustrated caricature on his card) | Courtney Khail | Little Pincushion Studio | Cake | Creative Thursday (Marisa was my lovely roomie and another one of the most genuinely lovely people I’ve ever met) | Dose of Happy (Deb was my roomie last year, and has a permanent place in my heart. I adore this talented and kind lady!)


Chookooloonks | Tracey Clark | Oops…another card from Chookooloonks | Under a Pink Moon | The Cuisinerd - My Alt experience started off on the right foot when I happened to be seated across from Kristin at dinner. Not only is she hilarious (she had me posing with aioli only a little way into the meal), but she makes delicious food and blogs about it too. Yum! | Not Merely Living


See Jane Blog | Big Cartel | Crow and Canary | The Lil Bee | Reverie Daydream | Alexandra Hedin | Mike Loveland – the reverse of the card featured his wife’s details (true awesomeness in letterpress card form)

And one last snapshot for you:

Victoria’s tattoo “business cards” were a huge hit. Here my daughter is rocking one. Awesome, right?!

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  1. kristen / / Reply

    arranged very nicely ;) such a lovely collection of biz cards!! i am learning about new people as i go through this post! thanks for sharing :)

  2. Joanna Dee / / Reply

    Thank you so much, Ez, for the shout out. I'm honored to be among so many beautiful turquoise beauties. Thanks again and it was so great to meet you! See you next year.

  3. Ez / / Reply

    Thanks for your comments guys! Aren't all these bloggers so inspiring with their card designs?!
    @Victoria – My daughter is seriously going to be so excited to see her wrist on your blog today. Can't wait to show her!
    xo Ez

  4. Molly / / Reply

    These are all amazing! I love seeing the variety of the designs. And I love that coaster! Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely be checking out the blogs!

  5. KELLI TRONTEL / / Reply

    This business card collection is fantastic!! So pretty. SO inspiring!
    Jana from Little Bird Soda is super sweet- so glad you got to meet her!!!

  6. Casey / / Reply

    Such beautiful business cards! I'm especially loving the turquoise ones. Makes me want to redo my own cards!

  7. Deb / / Reply

    Love how you grouped all these together. So creative and lovely! And a big thanks for including my card. Made my day! xo

  8. Nichole C. / / Reply

    Regardless of how the trends in communication are going, I feel that I well-thought out and created business card is better than the most interactive website. Love ALL of these!

  9. Nicole / / Reply

    So many gorgeous cards! Blown away. I'd have a full bulletin board for sure :)

    I thought a couple weeks ago how much I'd love to start putting custom temporary tattoos into my packages. I think this may have been the final match to the fuse. Off to go buy tattoo paper!

  10. Nicole / / Reply

    So many gorgeous cards! Blown away. I'd have a full bulletin board for sure :)

    I thought a couple weeks ago how much I'd love to start putting custom temporary tattoos into my packages. I think this may have been the final match to the fuse. Off to go buy tattoo paper!

  11. Ez / / Reply

    Such fun idea Nicole. If you visit Victoria's blog today she has a promo discount for the tattoo printing biz she worked with. xo Ez

  12. Uncle Beefy / / Reply

    My stack looks just like yours, Ez! Including the holder! ;) I'm nuts for all the cards and love how you curated them! But, didn't see (or get [sad face]) the beeteeth one! It's awesome looking! So, many great cards but papa wants to 'beef' things up next year for sure!

    p.s. – SO great to have finally met you!!! xo :)

  13. Christina Shumway / / Reply

    I love how you placed the cards in categories. Beautiful cards. I'm marking this page so tonight I can click through all the links. Thank you! : )

  14. Christina Shumway / / Reply

    I love how you placed the cards in categories. So beautiful and unique.

    I'm marking this page so tonight I can click through all the links {with a cup of hot chocolate}.

    Thank you! : )

  15. fenny setiawan / / Reply

    All the Business cards are just amazing, so much creativity on the design as well. I could imagine the lovely people own it.

  16. Dariela / / Reply

    Love how you arranged them!! I didn't get a chance to meet you and only saw you at the watercolor class for the first time!! Hopefully in another time!

  17. LeeAnn / / Reply

    Thanks for taking the time to post this! They are all so different and so inspiring. I want to be home playing around on my wacom designing new cards and blog headers right now. :)

  18. Brittany Sage / / Reply

    Hi! It was lovely meeting you at Alt. I love your business card. I was showing a few to a friend yesterday and she loved it too! Happy Blogging! Cheers!

  19. Estelle / / Reply

    EZ, I love your roundup. So many beautiful cards here. Thank you for including mine amongst so much pretty. I was thrilled to meet you, but wish we could have spent more time talking. Hopefully, next year! And I love your panel. You did a fantastic job.

  20. Tan / / Reply

    All those cards are so beautiful and inspirational! Makes me want to get started right away on mine for next year's alt!

  21. Jen / / Reply

    I love them all…I too have a turquoise crush and my favourites is Mike with his Pie eating habits!!

  22. annabel Wrigley / / Reply

    Thanks for the shout was so lovely to meet you at ALT, hope to see you again!

  23. becca | CAKE. / / Reply

    wow, my card looks so much prettier surrounded by all that artistic talent. thanks so much for the mention ez! it was great meeting you and sharing a brief but entertaining car ride to the cocktail party. ;)

  24. monica lee / / Reply

    Oh MY Gosh! I had dull business card in comparison too! I love these, I must link to this post, this was a great idea. I loved the thick paper of some of these as well!

  25. Jana - Little Bird Soda / / Reply

    Oh Ez! These are so beautifully displayed. Thank you for including me next to such amazing talent…seriously! I've been oohing and aahing over your illustrations lately..maybe I need some cute little soda bottles drawn up sometime….;) ;)


  26. martha brown / / Reply

    I LOVE business cards. These are all so beautiful. My favourite ones here are turquoise ink, spark and that photographic one with the t – Tracey Clark . They all sent me off to their websites to see what they do. Definitely the sign of a good card :)

  27. Priscilla Vega / / Reply

    Thanks for sharing! I wish so badly that I could go to Alt Summit but considering I'm just a fan and it's not actually my profession, it didn't seem feasible to go.

    I will live vicariously through all of you creatives!

  28. Marissa Bovee / / Reply

    What a small world! I just recently worked with Bradford at MyWedding. He is amazing!

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