Color Inspiration Daily: 02. 01. 12

I know it might be a bit premature, but I’m so wishing it looked like this outside my window right now. Blooming photographed by Sarah J. Fuller

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  1. pilli pilli / / Reply

    I definitely wish for that too!
    Instead Europe's suddenly in the grip of the frost queen…
    Oh well… we'll just have to wait.

  2. petra / / Reply

    so do I!!! looks like it will take a couple more months, tho. it's freezing in my little part of the world right now…

  3. Christina / / Reply

    Unfortunately, it does look like that out our windows … poor plants are very confused by the mild almost non-winter the South is having.

  4. Lisa / / Reply

    beautiful colors :) Look forward to your Color Inspiration every day :)

  5. Sarah Winward / / Reply

    Oddly enough, it isn't too soon this year….even the trees in utah have buds!
    This color palette is perfect, and these are the guiding colors for so many of my weddings coming up this year.

  6. Kate / / Reply

    Wow – this photograph is just incredible. Well taken!!

  7. Mindy / / Reply

    do u know the paint names of the the colors above? I want to use these colors combinations in my living room. gorgeous colors! :)

  8. Ez / / Reply

    Hi Mindy! Unfortunately these are just color swatches created in Photoshop, and not actual paint colors. However you may be able to ask a paint specialist to match the colors by showing them the above image on your phone or iPad. Best of luck to you. -Ez

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