Current Crush: DIY Paper Diamonds and Gems

I’ve recently become enamored with some amazing DIY Paper Diamond and Gem tutorials that a few clever bloggers have shared recently. My limited math skills would never enable to me actually design the templates for these gems…luckily these crafty wizards have done the leg work, and all we have to do is print, fold, cut, and glue (all craft skills that I get a passing grade in). I’ve found that creating these bobbles is a great activity to do while getting caught up with my Netflix instant queue. I’m hooked!

The best thing about these, is that not only would these geometric pretties make perfect holiday ornaments and decor (imagine a group suspended from a branch or chandelier over a festive party table), but they’d be great for displaying in your home year ’round!

I’m actually working on a gift for my daughter to hang in her bedroom using several of these templates as my guide (and some glitter and silver leaf paint), and it’s looking great so far. I’ll be sure to share a photo over on my Instagram (and maybe here too) after she opens her gift on Christmas Day.

Here are a few of my favorite DIY Paper Diamond & Gem Tutorials: