DIY Gift Wrapping Kit

DIY gift wrapping kit

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A few years ago I posted about a special gift wrapping kit that I made as a birthday gift for my sister. She ended up loving the gift and that post is one of the most visited here on Creature Comforts, so today in partnership with Waverly, I thought I’d finally share a more official DIY Gift Wrapping Kit for any of you who have a pretty packaging fiend on your holiday shopping list. What I love most about giving kits like this is how truly unique and customizable they are. You know that your loved one can’t go out and buy it for themselves, they will never receive another one like it, and they will feel truly spoiled!

DIY gift wrapping kit

In this post I’ll be sharing a few simple DIY techniques for pretty goodies that you can fill your kit with. But of course these are just the tip of the iceberg…the possibilities for what you might fill your own kit with are endless! Tip: to make things easier, and for a more finished looking presentation, I recommend working with a specific color palette or theme in mind. This will make finding supplies much easier (they’ll practically jump out at you while shopping)…and the whole process a lot more fun.

Here’s a list of what went into my finished kit (keep reading for the DIY for many of them):

  • DIY Fabric Handle Gift Bags – tutorial here
  • Mini ball garland – JoAnn
  • DIY Fabric Ribbon – tutorial here
  • Assorted yarns and twine – JoAnn’s, Michael’s and We Sell Coffee (baker’s twine)
  • Tissue paper – Hobby Lobby
  • Scissors – JoAnn’s
  • Assorted ribbons – JoAnn’s
  • Gift wrapping tape – Target
  • Adhesive sticker dots – Michael’s
  • Mini kraft bags – Michael’s
  • Adhesive-Backed Fabric Bag Seals – tutorial below
  • DIY Paper-Backed Fabric Gift Tags – tutorial below
  • DIY Yarn Pom Poms – tutorial here
  • Glitter – JoAnn’s
  • Assorted sequins – JoAnn’s
  • Mini jingle bells – Michael’s
  • Red mini pom poms – Michael’s

And for packaging it all up:

  • Glassine bags in assorted sizes – available at Shop Sweet Lulu
  • Wooden spools – Hobby Lobby
  • Photo storage box – Hobby Lobby

Additional supplies:

  • Waverly fabrics – JoAnn
  • Waverly yarn – JoAnn

Up first in the kit we have some simple DIY Fabric Adhesive Bag Seals:

DIY gift wrapping kit

You may recall my 5 Minute DIY fabric stickers post from a couple years ago. I’m still using those sweet stickers for gift packaging and thought they’d make a fun addition to the gift wrapping kit. I made these ones a bit wider and longer than the version from my previous post so they could serve as adhesive bag seals. Easy!

DIY gift wrapping kit

You’ll need a Xyron sticker maker with a permanent adhesive tape roll (found at craft stores for around $10). For the seals, cut strips of fabric that are narrow enough to fit through the opening in the sticker maker, and about 10″ in length. Feed your fabric through the machine with the printed side of your fabric facing up. Follow the directions that came with your machine for proper use. Remove the clear plastic covering off of each sticker, set aside, and repeat process with remaining fabric strips.

DIY gift wrapping kit

Cut your 10″ sticker strips in half so that you are left with two 5″ stickers. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut a notch out of the end of one side of your sticker so that it looks like a pennant flag. Repeat with remaining stickers. For presentation, place stickers in a glassine bag or bundle them together using a strip of paper wrapped around the middle (secure the paper band with a piece of tape).

DIY gift wrapping kit

Next up we have another simple project that I repurposed for this gift kit…my DIY Paper-backed Fabric Gift Tags. I used several different fabrics to create an assortment of tags. My favorites are these pretty white ones that look hand-stitched. I love these tags because they are so very simple to make, but you would never guess that when they are prettying up the top of a gift.

No matter what fabric you use, the process will be the same (I use two different fabrics in the steps below…I hope it’s not too confusing):

DIY gift wrapping kit

Apply glue stick to a piece of heavy-weight cardstock, making sure to coat a surface area that is as large as the portion of fabric you will be gluing to it. Place your fabric (right side up) onto the glued paper and press firmly all over the design to adhere.

DIY gift wrapping kit

Once the glue has dried, use a pair of sharp scissors to trim around your fabric tag. For printed fabric, you can simply use the outside edges of the design as your guide or cut a shape free-hand. Attach an adhesive dot to the back of each tag, or include a little glassine bag filled with them so your gift recipient is well-stocked and ready to wrap.

DIY gift wrapping kit


Another easy idea that has big impact is to include little spools of pretty twines and ribbons inside your kit:

DIY gift wrapping kit


Follow the directions for my DIY Fabric Ribbon here. For yarn and twine spools, just begin wrapping twine/yarn around a plain wooden spool (sold in packages at craft stores for a couple dollars) until they are full. Ta-da!

Package little crafty supplies inside glassine bags for a cohesive presentation.

Keep mini kraft bags, gift tags, or anything else that is flat from getting loose by banding it with paper. Just wrap a strip of scrap paper around until snug and secure with tape. You can label or leave the band blank…it’s up to you.

Package everything inside the photo box starting first with the flat supplies (such as gift bags and tissue), and layering additional supplies as they fit best. If you will be shipping your gift, be sure to fill in any empty spaces with crumpled tissue paper so that the supplies stay in place.

Write a sweet note or the recipient’s name on the tag in the front of the box (optional). Tie your kit up with some of the gift wrapping supplies you created (for a little hint at what’s inside) and give!

Here are a few additional supply/source suggestions for filling your gift wrapping kit:

  • Printable tags and labels online (check out my free printable gift tag roundup for a few ideas)
  • Manila tags, metal-rimmed tags, colorful or metallic binder clips, adhesive labels – found in office supply stores
  • Glassine bags (assorted sizes) found online
  • Mini clothespins, glitter, sequins, decorative papers, the list goes on – found in craft supply stores
  • Fabrics, trims, ribbons, buttons, etc. – found in fabric stores
  • Japanese masking tape – found online
  • Anything else you thing the gift recipient will love!


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