DIY: A Neighborly Get Well Kit

DIY neighborly get well kit

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After moving from our last home, where we had possibly the world’s most atrocious neighbors, I wasn’t expecting much from our new set. So imagine my delighted surprise when several of them stopped by to welcome us to our new home. During that Spring when our lawn needed cutting for the first time, I looked out my window to discover our neighbor mowing it for us (he still regularly mows it…even though I run out and tell him not to). Our neighbors on the other side of us have offered to accommodate us in their storm shelter during the seasonal tornados we have. And two years ago they even shoveled our driveway after a freak 18″ snowstorm left our city marooned for days. All of this is to say, that after having such horrible neighbors in the past, I truly know just how much it matters when the neighbors you have are good. And it goes both ways…I try to be an awesome neighbor too (these fleur de sel caramels were a huge hit last year)!

So when Vivint (a leading provider of simple, affordable home security and other home solutions) asked if I would like to create a couple DIYs with warm neighborly giving in mind, I was excited for the chance to put my neighborly thoughts into action. Vivint’s new blog, The Neighborhood is a site with one purpose: to promote better safer neighborhoods through simple acts of neighborliness. Their site features tons of great ideas to bring your community together…DIYs, printables, activities and more. I’m all about this kind of mission…aren’t you?!

So with cold and flu season upon us, it seemed that the perfect idea for my first project would be to put together a quick little get well kit that is ideal for a neighbor or friend who is under the weather. The kit includes ingredients for making a delicious Honey Lemon Throat Soother tea (I drink it every time I get a sore throat and it always helps), as well as comforting necessities like cough drops, lip balm, and tissues.


Here’s what I used to create my kit:

  • Large mug | Target, approximately $4
  • Honey bottle | Grocery store, $4.50
  • Fresh lemon | Grocery store, $.40 each
  • Chapstick brand lip balm | Target, $2
  • Tissues | Target, set of 3 for $2
  • Burt’s Bees Honey & Lemon Throat Drops | Target, $2
  • Optional – Clear Cellophane Basket Gift Bag | Michael’s, set of two small bags for $1
  • Free printable gift tag (download found below)
  • Twine
  • Scissors
DIY neighborly get well kit

The Get Well Kit is as easy as can be to make. Just arrange everything inside the mug until it looks how you’d like it to. If you will be using a cellophane gift bag you can include more than one lemon (since it won’t fall out). Print the file (download below), cut out your tags, and attach them to your gift with twine.

There are two tag color options (yellow and teal) with both “Get Well” text and the instructions for making the Honey Lemon Throat Soother, as well as one blank grey version (in case you’d like to create your own tag).

DIY neighborly get well kit

If you’d like to make the Honey Lemon Throat Soother for yourself, here are the simple steps:

DIY neighborly get well kit

Boil water. Wash a lemon and cut it in half. Squeeze the juice from one lemon half into your mug and place juiced peel into the mug as well.

DIY neighborly get well kit

Pour a generous serving of honey over the peel in the bottom of your mug. Carefully pour boiling water into the mug and allow drink to steep for 10 minutes. Remove peel and any seeds. Add extra honey if needed. There should be an even balance of flavor between the honey and lemon…not too sour and not too sweet. Sip and feel better!

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Vivint. Find more from Vivint at The Neighborhood, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. All images, content, and opinions expressed in this post are my own.