December 2012 Calendar Download with a Mini DIY

Hi friends! Are you ready to welcome December?! I can’t believe it will be here tomorrow! For my final calendar download of the year I thought I’d give you a quick little DIY to go along with it: Glitter-Dusted Pinecone Cards! Thanks to my brilliant daughter for the idea!

First you can print out a calendar for yourself, and then create sparkly postcards, note cards, or large gift tags using the bonus printable (linked below). The printable includes two note flats (they double as postcards and gift tags) and one folded note card. Be sure that your printer is set to print without margins.

To create your cards simply print the file out onto heavy-weight paper with a color printer. Cut out your cards. You can see that I used the calendar for this example, not the cards…but the process will be the same.

Add a touch of craft glue to the card. Be careful not to use too much or it will warp the paper a bit and cause the ink to bleed (note: I used too much). If the ink smudges a bit, it will just give it more of a watercolor effect…so it’s not a big deal.

Place your card onto a piece of scrap paper and sprinkle glitter generously over the glued areas. I used Martha Stewart’s Tinsel Glitter in Crystal (purchased at Michael’s). Remember that the glue will dry clear, so if you want a more opaque white be sure to select a glitter that is not clear like the one I used.

Tap off excess glitter onto your scrap paper. Use the paper to pour the extra glitter back into your bottle for reuse. 

Allow the glue to dry before using….and you’re done!

Fill out a message on the back and send as a postcard or make it into a festive gift tab by punching a hole at the top and stringing with twine. Enjoy! xo Ez