Color Inspiration Daily: 11. 29. 12

Hi lovelies! Sorry to drop another one of my own photos on you for CID again. Things are rather frazzled over here while I wrap up some great DIYs and printables that I’m planning to share with you over the next couple of weeks (I think the wait will be worth it). Thanks so much for understanding. Have a brilliant Thursday! xo Ez

P.S. These flowers are called Eryngium. Aren’t they strangely beautiful?!

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  1. Gégé / / Reply

    Why "sorry"? Your picture is beautiful…thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Ale / / Reply

    I absolutely love that plant! It stays in bloom so long and gives the garden a fantastic pop of color all the way into late fall! I love these blues, I'm inspired :)

  3. Ivana / / Reply

    I could never tire of your photography. This shot is so lovely! As a kid, I used to go hunting for these in the mountains by Adriatic Sea.

  4. Yna / / Reply

    That is a wonderful picture. Thanks for sharing. I want to see more….

  5. julia // anderson lane / / Reply

    There is absolutely no need to apologize! I always love seeing your own photography in the color inspiration posts. You have an incredible eye, and an added bonus is that it usually means your're working up some other wonderful thing for later in the week!

  6. Diana / / Reply

    Blue thistle is one of my absolute favorite plants! This is a stunning image and color palette. And there's nothing to be sorry about, looking forward to all the great inspiration you have coming for us!

  7. Ez / / Reply

    Thank you so much for each of your kind comments friends! xo Ez

  8. Emily K / / Reply

    Don't be sorry! Your photos are so beautiful. I'm always glad when you share them with us :)

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