What to Wear: to Meet the Parents


Hi friends! Did you have a great weekend and a festive Thanksgiving holiday (for those of you celebrating)? I hope so! I just returned from a too-short trip to visit with family on the West Coast and now as soon as I get unpacked I’ll be ready to dive into the holidays with open arms! Bring on the sparkles and cheer!

Thankfully while I’m getting situated today Audrey‘s dear friend Grace offered to pop by and share her savvy fashion advice with us all. She’ll soon be meeting her honeybear’s parents for the first time, and while still a little nervous, she has managed to deftly put together an outfit that has her feeling both comfortably confident and presentable. And of course being the clever bear that Grace is, she also thought to bring along a festive hostess gift (bonus points for Miss Grace). I think she hit the nail on the head…don’t you?!

Grace wears:


This post was kindly sponsored by Anthropologie, however opinions, illustrations, and fashion selections were made entirely by me.

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  1. Melissa de la Fuente / / Reply

    I just love these SO much! I can NOT think of a better collab then this; you, your illustrations, cute critters and anthro. :) They make me happy and not a little bit like shopping! ;)

  2. Danielle / / Reply

    I love these "What to Wear" features! I really look forward to seeing what you've come up with, from the illustrations to the outfits!

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