Color Inspiration Daily: 11. 26. 12

Hi lovelies! For today’s color inspiration I thought I’d mix things up a bit and share a photo that I took while out in California during this past Thanksgiving weekend (it was a great trip).

My grandparent’s deck is visited regularly by a wide variety of birds (the most elusive being the hummingbird). Of course I was bound and determined that I wouldn’t leave California before capturing one of them with my camera. By the last day, with several stealthy but failed daily attempts behind me I was certain that I would be going home with empty camera in tow. With only a short while left before our departure, I decided to give it one last go, and crept out onto the deck.

Immediately I spotted a beautiful hummingbird perched on a branch in the tree nearby. I tried a few nervous photos from the doorway, but at that distance the little guy looked more like a miniscule leaf than a bird. I shimmied closer to the tree, certain that he’d fly off, but amazingly he continued to sit. Finally I was close enough to put my camera through the space in the railings…the perfect vantage point to get a great shot. I stealthily leaned forward (right before lifting my camera to my eye) and put my face directly into a huge spider web that I hadn’t notice while in my hummingbird trance! Visions of black widows swarmed through my head, but since he was still posing for me I didn’t want to risk scaring him off by batting at my web-covered face like a crazy lady. My little feathered friend was quite brave as I clicked away, turning his head in curiosity with each release of shutter. He only flew off a few minutes later when a crow landed nearby. After hastily wiping the web from my face I was delighted to discover that I had a handful of successful photos as a reward for my efforts. Next time I think I’ll look before I lean though!

P.S. I added a small print of this Hummingbird photograph to my shop yesterday. There is also FREE Worldwide shipping available until the end of today (11/26/12). Oh, and my William and Margaux prints are now available as throw pillows! Awesome! Visit my shop here.

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  1. indreams / / Reply

    oh, what a great shot! i love hummingbirds – they do look quite bizarre when they're not flying, though, don't they? (i saw one at my cottage, and everyone argued about what kind of bird it was, until it flew to our hummingbird feeder, haha)

  2. Katie / / Reply

    Wow, this shot is AMAZING! I love the colors of the bird and how is eye is looking directly at you. Thank you so much for making a print available. I may just use this color inspiration for my bedroom. LOVE IT!

  3. Casey / / Reply

    This is a beautiful photo! The feeder on my front porch attracts lots of hummingbirds and it's so fun to watch them from my living room sofa. I've gotten a few unremarkable shots of the regulars. They are SO hard to photograph. So, kudos to you for getting this lovely shot. Sorry about the spider web. I would have flipped! :)

  4. Brin / / Reply

    Beautiful shot! Your patience was well rewarded. Love the color palette, too. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Emily K / / Reply

    Oh wow! This is an incredible shot! And such a beautiful hummingbird! I have been looking for a hummingbird print to hang in my family room, and I think this little guy is it!

  6. jenni o / / Reply

    love love this capture….the colors and composition are perfection. Wish I could have seen the little guy in person.

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