High + Low: The Wool & Leather Coat


I live in a city where it’s almost guaranteed that the cold weather will be sticking around for a good 5 months. Your coat becomes a uniform, since it’s all anyone ever sees. As with anything else, it’s nice to have a few options when it comes to outerwear. But it isn’t easy when you fall in love with pieces like this $529 Taylor Coat from Club Monaco. The biker style differs from your usual classic, feminine, or puffer jackets that are out there, and the added leather accents are right on trend this season. It’s polished yet slightly rebellious. (Like most of us. Am I right?) Luckily, I was able to gather a few great alternatives!

Taylor Coat $529 – Club Monaco | Norra Jacket $98 – Need Supply | ASOS Biker Coat $170 – ASOS | Coat with Quilted Leather Sleeves $229 – Zara

I also love this similar style coat from Zara availble in a rich maroon. It’s great way to incorporate those deep red hues of this season into your wardrobe.

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  1. May / / Reply

    I have that Zara coat with the quilted sleeves! I love it and I have been getting sooo many compliments. The quality of the quilted stitching is a little disappointing though, but I am sure it will make it through a couple of winters :)

  2. Jen / / Reply

    It's slightly weird thinking about winter coats now that its almost Summer in my part of the world, but then it's great to see a peak of what will be coming here next year. Loving the first and the last one!

  3. Julie Doan / / Reply

    Jessi: They're not heavy duty, that's for sure. I usually wear various layers in the winter when I'm going in and out of places often. These are perfect for that, as they would keep you from freezing those brief outdoor moments, and keep you from melting when you're indoors. I sacrifice style on those harsh winter days to my down filled puffer! :)

    Jen: I'm sure there are many who wouldn't mind trading spots with you! Winter is certainly on its way. (And for some, like me, it's already here!)

  4. Julie Doan / / Reply

    Voltress: I certainly am! I'll start the search. Hopefully there are a few similar options out there!

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