November 2012 Calendar Download

Hello again friends! I’m so glad the site is still up. I’ve been scurrying to create the November calendar download for you. All you have to do is click on the image (your download will start right away), print the sheet onto cardstock paper, trim along the grey outer lines (if desired), and hang. Remember you can also print out extras to cut out and send as postcards in the mail. It’s the perfect season to send a little gratitude to someone special who’s made your life easier this year…don’t you agree?! Enjoy! xo Ez

P.S. You can find all the past calendar downloads here.

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  1. Caitlin / / Reply

    I look forward to these each and every month! I love adding a bit of fun and pretty to my otherwise stuffy office. Thank you!

  2. Bonnie / / Reply

    Yay squirlie! Just have to say that as a very harried and stressed out neuroscientist I get the most joy out of the 3 minutes a day I have free by indulging in the very beautiful and sweet images and art that you post here. Thanks a grillion!

  3. Tan / / Reply

    Oh I'm just so in love with this. Thank you for the adorable calendar print out!

  4. Julia P. Valetine / / Reply

    I love this little guy! I am a few months into my a fantastic new job surrounded by LOTS of federal issue beige. This cutie is the first thing up on my three new corkboards and it makes me smile to see it over my screens. And I am no neuroscientist but I second what Bonnie said above! I really look forward to seeing your email in my inbox first thing in the morning, or at midnight when I am up way too late. I peek at the color inspiration. And later I give myself the treat of a few minutes on my big screen — a lovely respite from all the black Arial (or Calibri if I'm feeling wild) 10 point font emails and docs!

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