High + Low: The Leopard Clutch

I’ve been trying to introduce a little more animal print into my wardrobe, but the idea of wearing a printed top or dress has me feeling skittish at times. It’s a lot of (very bold) print! A thin leopard belt is pretty much my extent of walking on the wild side. Taking a look into accessories, I found a great compromise; the leopard print clutch. It can add so much to a simple outfit. So the search began for the perfect, affordable clutch. I love this Invitation Clutch from J.Crew, but at $448, it’s far too expensive. The total of my five low finds is under $400, which sounds a lot better!

Invitation clutch in printed calf hair $448 - J.Crew | Large foldover leather clutch $75 – Etsy | Leopard calf hair clutch $89 – Etsy | Leopard flat clutch $165 – Clare Vivier

(Also, some cute and very inexpensive faux Etsy finds for $22 and $45.)

Remember, if there are any highs you’d like some alternative lows for, just leave a comment and it may be a future High + Low post!

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  1. Julie Doan / / Reply

    Esb: Ha! Thank you for catching that! I did this post on my phone and both 'skittish' and 'skiddish' are recognized in dictionary—from my use of describing someone as 'pip skiddish'—so when I made the mistake, it didn't correct me. (Pip Skid is a Canadian rapper from my home province.)

  2. Cortnie Elizabeth / / Reply

    Hi there!

    Thank you so much for including my leopard 'Ashleigh' clutch from my Etsy shop! Mine is the one that's $45. You can check out how many ladies have worn it on my Facebook page (http://facebook.com/LoveCortnie).

    I'm the same way with leopard. No articles of clothing are leopard print, but I have ventured into getting a leopard print scarf and skinny belt. They happen to be some of my favorites now. The 'Ashleigh' clutch is a top seller!


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