Giveaway: Win a $75 Shopping Credit from Cutting Edge Stencils

After a long break, I’ve decided to begin hosting giveaways for my sponsors here on Creature Comforts again. Today I’m excited to start things off with two generous prizes of $75 (shopping credits) offered by Cutting Edge Stencils.

My favorite use for stencils is to spruce up underappreciated elements in the home…like the kick boards (is that what they’re called) on a staircase or the inside of a cupboard or closet (that little pop of prettiness will put a smile on your face every time you open the door). Of course there are loads of other great ways to use stencils, and I’m sure you’ll think of something wonderful to do with yours if you win.

Details and how to enter for your chance to win:

  • Two winners will be chosen. Each winner will received one $75 shopping credit to Cutting Edge Stencils. Redeemable for products only. No cash value.
  1. Leave a comment using your first name and last initial, and tell me what stencilling project you’re looking forward to creating if you’re the lucky winner.
  2. Giveaway open to both US and International readers.
  3. Shipping charges will be covered by Cutting Edge Stencils. International winners will be responsible for customs fees if applicable.
  4. Giveaway ends 10/8/12. Winners announces 10/9/12

For some great inspiration visit Cutting Edge Stencils on Pinterest and their blog.

Full disclosure: Cutting Edge Stencils is a sponsor of Creature Comforts, but no financial compensation was received for this post. The opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Lori C. / / Reply

    Love to try stencils in my entry way or stairwell! Thank you for all the lovely things you share on your blog.

  2. Jackie W / / Reply

    I would love to create a stencil project in my 6 year old daughter's room! She loves wall art of any kind and would be so excited to help pick our stencils and get started.

  3. Gia / / Reply

    Ohhh I'd love to try them on my closet doors…! Thanks!

  4. Monica M / / Reply

    I would love to try stenciling my daughter's toy cabinet. I painted it white a few years ago but it needs a punch of color somewhere. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. heather h. / / Reply

    i think the inside of my closet could use some lovin'…

  6. bdaiss / / Reply

    How did you know I was pining for a stencil project? Thinking about either a) the bathroom we're about to build, or b) the wall behind our bed in the master bedroom. I love the houndstooth and the Casablanca! Thanks for the chance!

  7. Maralee N. / / Reply

    After moving furniture around, we have some large spaces to fill on the walls–I'd love to use a gorgeous stencil!

  8. Serena W / / Reply

    I'd love to take our guest bedroom to the next level and do a bold, groovy accent wall.

  9. Stephanie M / / Reply

    I just moved into my first apartment (no more roommates) so I could definitely use some of these stencils to decorate my little home! Thanks!

  10. Courtney M / / Reply

    I'd love to stencil my bathroom, I think the small space is a perfect spot to be bold!

  11. Stephanie R / / Reply

    Awesome! I just found this website last week and was admiring all the cool stencils they have! I actually emailed it to my mom and we are already planning the crafts and gifts we could make for the holidays! Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. Leigh / / Reply

    This is such a great shop. I've been thinking about using a stencil as a backsplash in my kitchen.

  13. Erika H. / / Reply

    I'd been wanting to stencil a wall in my office for quite some time. I'm also thinking about using one in the hallway. This is a great giveaway–thanks!

  14. Carolyn Barnett / / Reply

    I f i win,I would love to stencil my stairs.
    Carolyn B.

  15. Tiffany G. / / Reply

    I've been a fan of Cutting Edge for a while. After searching high and low for a cool wallpaper for an accent wall in my living room I thought maybe a stencil from Cutting Edge would be the perfect solution! If I won I might actually be able to convince my husband to help me.

  16. Kate B / / Reply

    Oooh, I love the idea of stenciling risers on the stairs, but I am very squeamish about painting wood, heh. We're in the process of sloooowly rennovating our home, I would love to try a stenciled wall!

  17. Elizabeth / / Reply

    I love the picture of the stencilled headboard on their pinterest page! I'm just toying with the idea of making a new headboard and this would be the perfect way to jazz it up a little!
    Elizabeth H

  18. Tara B / / Reply

    I have a new obsession with painting fabric. I just did stripes on my shower curtain and I've been looking for the perfect stencil for my bedroom curtains! This would be so fun, pick me!!

  19. me dLux / / Reply

    i'd love to try the stencils at the walls of my entry… all white at the moment!!

    thanks for the oportunity!!

    Katrin L.

  20. Kimette G / / Reply

    I want to stencil a partial wall dividing my dining room and kitchen. Thanks for this chance to win, EZ!

  21. Jen K. / / Reply

    I would stencil the upper half of my dining room. I love CES.

  22. Samyaka / / Reply

    I'm really looking forward to stenciling my Chiffonier in the Indian Inlay stencils. And I'd OH SO LOVE to do a mural painting on the doors of my house to fab it up.

  23. Jeannie B / / Reply

    I'd like to do something fabulous in the foyer to welcome my friends!

  24. Jill T. / / Reply

    I love the geometric all over stencils and think it'd be cool to create an accent wall!

    Xo Jill

  25. Chelsea C / / Reply

    This is awesome, Ez! I've actually been dying to do a faux wallpaper look in our bedroom, so a stencil would be so helpful with that particular DIY project. We live in an apartment, and I've been wracking my brain trying to personalize the space with things that are easily removed or painted over. This would be so fantastic! Thanks for the chance to win. xo

  26. Alexandra / / Reply

    I would like to stencil the fence in my back yard; give that area a little more interest to make up for my sort of brown thumb! :)

  27. Tara O. / / Reply

    I would love to use the Dandelion stencil in my bedroom! That will be the first of many stencil projects at my house!

    Tara O.

  28. Katie / / Reply

    We've just moved to a new apartment, and the walls are bare. I can't paint them, but I'd love to stencil a design on a big swath of fabric and hang it on the wall. It would be so very cheery!

  29. Maartje R. / / Reply

    My best friend asked me to paint a tree on her wall, I promissed her to make one, but I'll never be able to make such a nice tree as I could make with one of those stencils. So I would realy like to have one of the trees. :)

  30. Jenni I. / / Reply

    I've been wanting to stencil my entryway with Cutting Edge's Zinnia floral stencil… I love it! :)

  31. Lauren B / / Reply

    I've been dying to stencil an accent wall in my living room! I just did a chevron wall in our guest room and it took ages. A stencil would really streamline the whole process!

  32. Debbie B / / Reply

    I have had an idea for quite awhile to stencil Asian floral scenes on my dining room walls. Then I would frame it with molding. The paint background for the scene would be a different color than the wall color. I want it to be similar to Asian art panels but make it my own. I also want to use pops of gold somewhere in the piece.

  33. kristin / / Reply

    I would stencil the wall behind our bed in our new master bedroom. My husband is very anti-wallpaper, but I want something to make that wall stand out.

  34. Bridget P / / Reply

    I want try to stencil an accent wall in our baby's room.

  35. Sarah D. / / Reply

    Oh! I just made a headboard with fabric that had one of the allover patterns already on it. I'd love to get the stencil to make some matching curtains in maybe a more subtle color.

  36. Megan G / / Reply

    I've got a lovely silk screen here that I bought over a year ago for a bargain at a garage sale that is just dying (haha) to be used so I would love to get some craft sized stencils and have a go at making some patterned fabric to play around with.

  37. Anna / / Reply

    I have been wanting to stencil the back of our entertainment center for almost three years, maybe this will help me finally get it done :)

  38. Allyson G. / / Reply

    I have a massive deeply angled wall that my bed faces that I have wanted to at least paint and ideally stencil since moving in (but haven't).

    I am excited to hopefully win inspiration!

  39. Stefanie W / / Reply

    Lovely giveaway. I'd use a stencil to create one of those custom print cushions.

  40. Amy N / / Reply

    My bedroom wall is totally blank right now – in dire need of some stencils for decorating! :)

  41. Nicole D. / / Reply

    I want to use the stencils to paint a scarf and decorate some pillows.
    Nicole D.

  42. Danielle T. / / Reply

    I have a 1940's Sear's wardrobe that needs some lovely patterns added to its facade dearly! It's a little sad looking at the moment :(

  43. Tricia T. / / Reply

    Great giveaway, I love the geometric/ allover stencils. I think I would do the wall in my family room that my fireplace is located on. I think it would look really cool in a foyer too. Tough decisions though, I really like the Entwined one and the funky wheel.

  44. Marie-Eve C / / Reply

    So many possibilities! I would use the stencil for the nursery!

  45. Elspeth P / / Reply

    I would love to stencil my dresser from IKEA – it's been begging for a hack!

  46. Paige S / / Reply

    I'd been coveting the birch wallpaper by seabrook, but I can get the same look with the allover birch forest stencil! My main level powder room will have never looked better :)

  47. Colleen G. / / Reply

    I have a bathroom with a dastardly white wall that needs something. It's a winter project and I'm still debating whether to hand paint it or stencil it… Stencils would save a ton of time and I wouldn't get that "Crap, what did I start" feeling half way through :)

  48. Lori L. / / Reply

    I would love to try the Zagora All Over stencil in my master bedroom if I won!

  49. Tiffany L. / / Reply

    This is perfect for my guest bedroom! Thank you so much!

  50. Abigail M. / / Reply

    I've been thinking of doing a stencil on my bathroom walls above the beadboard wainscotting. This would be just the kick in the pants I need to get it done!

  51. Emily K / / Reply

    I would love to stencil a backsplash in my kitchen vs. buying tiles. CES has so many fabulous patterns to choose from!

  52. Ashley Lynn Fry / / Reply

    Woo hoo! I'd love to win this … I really, desperately want to update/re-do our kitchen. I'm thinking a Cutting Edge stencil would help create the perfect "backsplash" under the cabinets :)


  53. Kelsey Arnett / / Reply

    I would love to create a stenciled rug on our wooden floors OR! stencil the wooden floors themselves!! I've been dreaming of painting our floors white with a light grey stenciled pattern on them! Maybe the Nagoya all over stencil? Thank you so so much!
    -Kelsey A.

  54. Jessica R / / Reply

    Oh sweet, I've never thought of using stencils to decorate before…I like the idea of having a flock of birds flying across my ceiling!

  55. Janet D / / Reply

    I have a vintage linen tablecloth of my mother's that I plan to cut for table runners and give them as gifts. I haven't been able to decide to stencil or stamp them. Seeing the blinking stencil ad today is persuasive!

  56. Bianca / / Reply

    Great giveaway!
    I would probably do something in my dining room. We have a "feature" wall that would look amazing with something bold and graphic on it.

  57. Jessica T. / / Reply

    I would love to stencil up a nursery for our soon to arrive first child! I would also create cute little framed pieces of art with stencils. Or use fabric paint and stencil sleepers and linen towels. The possibilities are endless!

  58. Katie W. / / Reply

    I've been wanting to do a geometric design on my closet doors and for the backsplash in my kitchen and I completely love the Casablanca design for its versatility and simplicity, it would match the pillows I made for my bedroom perfectly.

  59. justasiam / / Reply

    I would love to try a stenciling project in the master bedroom by stenciling a faux headboard!

  60. Erika M / / Reply

    Hello! I've been dreaming of getting one of these stencils! I'd love to stencil the wall behind my bed, stencil the ceiling of my entryway or maybe even buy some cheap dropclothes and make some pretty modern curtains…I may have sewn my old ones so badly that they are two different lengths! :)

  61. Marcela B. / / Reply

    These stencils are so beautiful!
    I think that If I win one of them, I will use it for an old furniture that needs a new look!
    And also in my sewing space.
    Thank you!

  62. Amy B / / Reply

    My partner and I brought our first home nearly a year ago, and ever since we've moved in I've been dreaming of painting a pattern onto the kitchen floor/cupboards/splashback. I was going to tape out a design when I finally decided on something, but a stencil would make things much easier!!

  63. Katie K @ Gluten Free Blondie / / Reply

    I just renewed my apartment lease for another year, so I'm itching to spruce up just about everything. Ideally I'd love to do a stenciled accent wall, even if it means painting over it in white when I move out!

  64. Jen T / / Reply

    We just moved this weekend, so I've got a blank slate… So many possibilities!

  65. Jean / / Reply

    I would love to stencil a fun design on the wall behind my son's crib. I'm a bit nervous to put frames up there so this would be a perfect. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Jean L.

  66. Rachel Mathews / / Reply

    Wow! I popped over to cutting edge and was immediately inspired for a thousand projects! I would love the craft stencils for making cushion covers, even stenciling fabric for a skirt! The possibilities are endless and exciting! Thanks for this opportunity.

  67. Kim b / / Reply

    how much does my bathroom need some beautiful stenciling……..THIS MUCH !!!!!!!!!!! and so much more!

  68. lara / / Reply

    Wow ! Stencils have really come a long way since I used the quaint & cutesy types of 20 years ago.
    I stopped using them because they were so "cute" …too "cute " & too "quaint " …but these from Cutting Edge are "Too cool " not to use. I would like to use them to spice up a wall or two an maybe use on a handmade bag , a headboard, some curtains & more . Thanks for the chance to win in Portland ,OR .

  69. Millie T / / Reply

    I'd love to stencil the walls of my home office – it would help make paying the bills a little more fun!

  70. Kath T / / Reply

    What an absolutely GORGEOUS website – what wouldn't I stencil?! I think my first port of call would have to be my son's bedroom – he has been asking for a change of 'scenery' for a while now. My fingers and toes are crossed!

  71. Grant T / / Reply

    My wife would be over the moon if I won this – she is on a major spring spruce up mission at the moment. I know she would love to stencil our bedroom and if i let her she would do the kitchen too.

  72. Clare / / Reply

    I would stencil my bedroon wardrobe that is badly in need of a makeover. What a great giveaway.

  73. Eddie T / / Reply

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Damask stencils – i'd like to see the Birds of Paradise Damask stencil on our bedroom walls. I also quite fancy the Nadya Damask stencil in our guest bathroom.

  74. Christina L / / Reply

    I've recently been inspired to use stencils to personalize my plain Kraft pocket moleskines, but I just moved into a mauve colored bedroom so some black stencil art would look lovely

  75. Elen LG / / Reply

    Hello !
    Thank you for organising this giveaway.
    I would stencil the interior of a bookshelf!

  76. Adrienne R / / Reply

    I would be stenciling our home made play kitchen so the panels look like pressed tin.

  77. giulia c / / Reply

    Thanks for the opportunity..
    I'd love to stencil the walls of my room that are white at the moment and perhaps create some cards for christmas :)

  78. Debbie P / / Reply

    I have many ideas for where I would like to incorporate the "return" of stenciling. I would like to stencil the ceiling of one of our baths, the back of my corner cabinet in the dining room, the floor of our office and sections of the pantry. I love the idea of adding interest in a non-permanent way.

  79. Kelly.H / / Reply

    I've been looking for something unique for my daughters room. These are really cool! I'd love to try them out!

  80. Hitashree U. / / Reply

    ohhh i would like to stencil my new sari ….to give it a new look….thanks…H.U.

  81. Melissa W / / Reply

    I would like to make a room separator so my little daughter can have her "private' area. I can use the stencil to decorate the separator to make it fun.

  82. Jessi / / Reply

    I have been dying to create my own fabric designs using stencils, stamps, and fabric ink! I am also an art therapist, stencils are always a favorite among the children I work with. :)
    Jessi L.

  83. janna b / / Reply

    Oooh! I have had one of their stencils on my wish list for quite a while! I want to amp-up my hallway!

  84. Kim K. / / Reply

    I love the idea of stenciling doors so I think I would try that. Our home school room door would be first. Right now, sight words are taped all over it. A stencil would be a welcome and pretty touch! Thanks for offering the contest! Good luck all!

  85. Marjorie D / / Reply

    Oh, it's so lovely! We don't have these kind of products in France! I'm just trying to decorate our old farm near Lyon! It will be perfect for the wall, the doors… and a old bench too!

  86. Christy C / / Reply

    I would love to stencil my hallway. It's too narrow for artwork for my taste so I think a neat stencil would look great!

  87. liz h / / Reply

    The massive wall above the cabinets in my kitchen desperately need something! I'm thinking Lattice Allover would be PERFECT!

  88. Robin F. / / Reply

    Oh wow! I'm loving their craft size stencils and would use the Nagoya stencil on some throw pillows as shown on their site. Lovely! Thanks, Ez!

  89. Aubin O'Brien / / Reply

    Wow, they are beautiful! I would love to use them for a wall at my preschool, they kids would love it!

  90. Novella G. / / Reply

    Oh so hard to pick a favorite! I think I'd paint a tree on my bedroom wall.

  91. erin marie s. / / Reply

    i'd love to try stenciling my boys' bookcase as well as the stairwell! thanks!

  92. Lindsey N / / Reply

    I love Cutting Edge Stencils! I used their Birch Trees in my bedroom. I'd like to stencil my kitchen next to give the walls some interest!

  93. Gerda S. / / Reply

    What a great giveaway, I didn't know about that website. I'd definitely try out a ceiling stencil – with the great turn of the century flat we’re living in, this seems suitable. Also, I’d try to have the shape re-appear on our white armchairs. I’ve been meaning to stencil them for a while now. This actually might be the inspiration I was waiting for.
    Thanks again for sharing!
    Gerda S.

  94. Celeste L. / / Reply

    How timely. I recently painted my very inexpensive nightstands but realized they were still boring. I've fallen in love with lattice and geometric patterns which would look wonderful on the painted wood AND on pillows.

  95. Agnieszka K / / Reply

    There is an empty wall at the entrance to my studio – stenciling it would be a real pleasure:) Thanks!

  96. Rachel A / / Reply

    I would definitely use it for the music room/guest room revamp I'm currently in the middle of. It would be perfect!

  97. Caitlin O / / Reply

    This is awesome! I'd love to polka-dot stencil a hallway wall in my house :)

  98. Lisa M / / Reply

    I have been wanting to try Cutting Edge stencils for a while now. What a great giveaway. If I won I would stencil everything- starting with my daughters room.

  99. Shawna Q. / / Reply

    I would LOVE to use some stencils for our dining room that we are in the process of remodeling! Or in my scrapbook room! OR up our stairs! So many options, so little time!

    -Shawna Q.

  100. Sarah S. / / Reply

    The wall alongside my staircase (it gets super dirty with little handprints) – before my home had a child living in it I had the lofty plan, 1/2 conceived, of actually printing on the walls. To this end I made linocuts inspired by sunprint images. Sadly the realization of this project has been stalled since my daughter arrived (4.5 years ago!) and I think stencils would do the job just as nicely:))

  101. Jessica K / / Reply

    I'm really looking forward to updating our bedroom and the guest room. I'm getting married next week so decorating the house has been neglected for awhile but I'm ready for a new project! Plus what will I do with all my time now? :)

  102. Eunice N / / Reply

    I would LOVE to pretty up the blank wall in front of my workspace at home. It's an uninspiring blank now..

  103. Rubi H / / Reply

    I would use the stencils to spruce up our entry and road signs for our handmade markets , and stencil some new calico bunting as well, can't get more handmade than that .
    I love ur blog thanks from Australia.
    Rubi H

  104. Katie C / / Reply

    I would love to try stenciling the wall around my tv. It's so plain compared to the rest of the room!

  105. Diane C. / / Reply

    My first project? Oh my mind is gong crazy thinking of all the possibilities. I have a dresser that has been stripped and is ready to go!. Would love to win this!

  106. Rachel H. / / Reply

    I have been dreaming about the Birch Forest pattern in our new 'office' corner. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the fun giveaway :)

  107. Lyndsey N / / Reply

    I'm going to be moving into a new apartment soon, and stencils make a great accent wall.

  108. BaaraG / / Reply

    I was just looking for a mandala like stencil for an art project for my sister's bedroom. The Funky Wheel Wall Stencil is just perfect for that!

  109. Beth S / / Reply

    OK I just see this as a sign! I have been itching to get some stencils for weeks…then I don't because with three kids I end up listening to that annoying voice telling me not to spend the money! Lol. I want to make some wall art as well as stencil in our house number on a large rock. So I obviously have to give this a go and cross my fingers that I get lucky! Thanks for the awesome chance. :)
    Beth S

  110. emmett g / / Reply

    my brand new apartment as a single person (with cats) is needing some spiffing up, especially since I'm about to start fostering babies and state officials are going to be in and out of my house making sure it's all good, I really do want it to look nice! the dahlia stencil would look fabulous in white and gray on my currently blank dark blue wall! :)

  111. Heidi O / / Reply

    I would love to do a stencil on the wall behind our bed or possibly polka dots in my kids' room!

  112. Monica N. / / Reply

    This could not come at a better time! I was actually thinking of purchasing a stencil from them for my entry-way. I have my eye on the birch-tree pattern. Oh, I would LOVE to win!

  113. karen m / / Reply

    Obsessed with these stencils! Bought one for my entry way wall that is so blah right now and already trying to decide on where to use another one…master bath could use some more pretty pretty!

  114. karen m / / Reply

    I hope I win! I want to try stenciling a rug and some drapes! Really cool designs!

  115. Kat Skull / / Reply

    I love the Gabrielle Damask Stencil and I think it'd be a great design to place as an alternative to a headboard!

  116. Tina W. / / Reply

    I'd like to stencil one of the walls in my living room. It is plaster, and too damaged to hang anything on it.

  117. Tina Martinez / / Reply

    I would love to do an accent wall in either the dining room or living area! All the stencils are fabulous!

  118. Brin / / Reply

    I have the smallest nook off my tiny living room that I'm dreaming of doing up bold. Wouldn't an allover stencil be great for that? :) Thank you for the chance to win!

  119. helen p. / / Reply

    i have a lounge with curtains crying for stenciling … and then i looked at the blog and then i just wanted to stencil *everything* is that bad?

  120. Maartje R. / / Reply

    I promissed to paint a tree on my best friends wall, but I'm afraid I won't be able to make such a nice one as If I could make with a stencil. So if I would win, I would make her a realy nice tree.

  121. Josiane R / / Reply

    Wow! those stencils are really awesome! I can definitely imagine a flight of birds in my corridor. Thanks for the contest, love your blog!

  122. Kristin E. / / Reply

    I have a very naked looking wall behind my sofa that needs to be covered in some happy, customized wall art :).

  123. Juliette R / / Reply

    We have a pine DIY piece of furniture my husband made (aka: the TV Garage) that desperately needs a paint job and some pattern via a stencil would be a great way to add a little punch to that side of the room!

  124. Lindsay G. / / Reply

    I'd love to stencil an accent wall with the birch trees. We live in an apartment and have to cover up anything before we leave, but an accent wall wouldn't be too much trouble to repaint!

  125. Susan Jonsson / / Reply

    I have a bedroom in dire need of embellishment and 2 new babies in the extended family with nurseries to decorate. Love your collections. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Susan Jonsson

  126. Renee R / / Reply

    I would love to stencil the shelves in my daughters room. Thanks for the incredible giveaway :)

    Renee R
    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  127. kate / / Reply

    i would stencil the nook under our stairs…it's a large enough space to create a fabulous cozy area for our 2.5 year old daughter. we could create a little identity for this space by using a wall stencil…i think it would look beautiful!

  128. annette l / / Reply

    I am an old collector of old things. Two or three or maybe four sewing desks are waiting to be converted into a new, useful, working table for my sewing area. I plan on painting and stenciling them to make them more cohesive–right now one is dark wood, one is covered in contact paper (not as gross as it sounds, although I did not do it), one is light wood, and one is painted white. I know the creature comfort stencils will be exactly the look I want. Thanks, Annette L

  129. Julie / / Reply

    Julie L for my hallway thanks

  130. Militza / / Reply

    How fun! I would create a feature wall behind my desk in my study so that I don't have to stare at a blank wall anymore! :)

  131. Jeannie / / Reply

    Walls, doors, ceilings, but best of all on fabrics. I'd love to try some of these stencils. Thanks for the chance.

  132. Brooke F. / / Reply

    Planters, my mother-inlaws plant, pots… i love outdoor art for everyone to share

  133. Ashley T / / Reply

    I would love to do something with the backsplash in my kitchen!

  134. Marita H / / Reply

    We have a very rustic-looking built-in bookshelf in our family room, and this post has inspired me to stencil a cute pattern along the inside back and sides – so fun!

  135. Adrienne M. / / Reply

    The polka dot all over pattern would be great on one wall of the nursery I'm decorating. Fingers crossed!

  136. Renee P-C / / Reply

    I love stenciled walls. I think a special something would be wonderful in my bathroom.

  137. Alice C / / Reply

    These Cutting Edge Stencils would be fabulous to update and refresh two metal chair backs. (And I hope to muster the courage to decorate a wall on my sun porch.) Thanks for the chance to win!

  138. Hidayat B / / Reply

    i saw this cool idea of using stencils to paint the steps of the stairs and give it a very" baroquey" look and i wanted to paint the ceiling white and use a stencil to add designs in gold at each ceiling corner of the room

  139. Efrat E / / Reply

    I am having our first baby boy in 3 weeks, so i am planing to decorate his room with these fabulous stencils!
    Hope i'll win… crossing fingers :-)

  140. kelli b / / Reply

    i would love to use the stencils for either the nursery we're working on for our little girl or some stencils for my son's bedroom which we should probably make more of a big boy room and less of a toddler room.

  141. Alaine / / Reply

    I would love this!!!
    I am wanting to refinish a dresser and use a stencil.
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  142. Nellie H. / / Reply

    After buying my house last March, I think I've decorated really well through the entire house with the exception of my bedroom. I have shelves, art, some colors but can't quite figure out what to do. I'd live to have a great stencil to get the room started!

  143. .:| Angela |:. / / Reply

    I would love a giant dahlia or peony or lotus stencil for my craft room! What a statement!

  144. Sylvia / / Reply

    I'd use the stencil to liven up our guest room with some inspirational words!

  145. julianna / / Reply

    Julianna M I can't wait to decorate some boring tshirts!

  146. K. Carnes / / Reply

    I'd love to add some interest to our skinny front foyer with a nice stenciled geometric runner…

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