Photo Friday: The Charm of Imperfection

Lately I haven’t had nearly as much time to wander around photographing the world around me as I would like. A recent plague of migraine headaches (that take my vision with them) have been keeping me indoors and away from too much light. So even though they are not so “perfect” or fancy as those taken with my Nikon, I’m still pretty happy if I can get a shot or two with my phone here and there.

I actually find that there is something reassuring about iPhoneography…that the self-imposed demand of perfection that tends to creep in when shooting with a DSLR (thinking about, focus, exposure, dof, etc.) tends to fall by the wayside when you have less control over the final outcome.

Of course post-editing is available on your phone (which can be fun)…but still the imperfection has its charm. I’m learning to embrace it!

P.S. In case anyone is wondering, these photos were taken and processed with the VSCO CAM app.

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  1. Marisa / / Reply

    Unfortunately, I can also relate. I am happy to express my creativity in little ways as my minor chronic health issues allow, and though I don't have an iphone, I've been wanting to take more snapshots with a little point and shoot. Lugging out my lenses and cameras, and worrying about them getting damaged or stolen is too much sometimes.

  2. Charlotte / / Reply

    I love the colours of those berries, so glossy! And yes, I need to stop and take photos more often!!

  3. indreams / / Reply

    i had the same thought a few years ago, and was experimenting with low-dpi digital photography (aka cellphone photography) for a while. i likened it to using a polaroid (which i obviously love!) – there are so many limitations, it almost makes it a fun experiment to see what actually comes out the way you see it/want it to . :)

    that said, it's still nice to have the 'good' cameras to swap in, when you have a really spectacular moment to capture…

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