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Hi friends! I’m sorry for my late posting today. After sharing the snapshot of my little elephant sketch yesterday I became completely distracted by the process of editing him in Photoshop, and put all other work aside (bad)…but the great news is that I’ve now made two finished versions available for sale in my Society6 shop! Meet William and Margaux! They are available as art prints, framed prints and stretched canvases. I hope you’ll like them. I’m planing to add more prints soon, so I hope you’ll bookmark my wee shop and check back in for updates from time to time.

Also, before I go and attempt to get caught up on all of my neglected work, I just wanted to say thank you to each one of you who has been so kind and encouraging (both here and on Instagram) of my new adventures in art. I’ve always been so shy about sharing anything art related of mine, but you’ve made me feel braver…and because of your support I am too inspired and motivated to feel afraid any more. Thank you!!!

Lastly, I promised to share a few process shots yesterday…so here those are. xo Ez

Deciding on a color palette is one of the most fun parts of the design process…and also one of the trickiest! There are just so many amazing colors to choose from! As you can see, my final palette ended up looking a bit different than the one I first chose to work with.

Next I paint in all the layers. If you’re curious about the technique I use, I can’t recommend the book Heather Ross Prints enough.

The technique I follow (from Heather’s book) allows you to quickly and easily change any color in your piece. Phew!

After all the layers are set where they need to be it’s fairly easy to create additional versions using different color palettes. After several test prints I finally uploaded both completed designs to my shop! Hooray!

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  1. lala / / Reply

    these are stunning! and i've ordered the heather ross book. can't wait to get it. the only suggestion i'd make would be to make the elephant's eyes just a tiny smidge bigger.

  2. marné / / Reply

    These are so charming! I hope you'll be doing more illustrations. I also love to see the process posts.

  3. Ez / / Reply

    Thank you so much friends!
    @ Lala – good tip. I'll try that out next time. Thanks.

  4. Danyelle / / Reply

    I think they're perfect, Ez! Your talent never ceases to amaze me and I'm thrilled you've decided to start selling some of your original illustrations. xo

  5. Marichelle / / Reply

    You are amazing my friend, wish I had half of your talent (even a quarter I'd be happy with!) xo

  6. Mijbil / / Reply

    Ez, they are adorable! : ) Your talents are endless! I really hope to see more of your illustrations on your blog! : )

  7. pratya / / Reply

    awww..they are soooo cute!
    thanks for sharing the process Ez. it's so inspiring :)
    what kind of brush did you use to coloring William's shirt on the painting process? it's looks like crayon effect.

  8. Katie / / Reply

    I'm so excited to see these! I was unpacking my pictures and prints yesterday and came across part of your downloadable calendar that I'd printed on card stock and hung up in our old apartment. I'm going to hang them up again today! Perhaps Margaux and William ought to join them!

  9. Author / / Reply

    You definitely should go to drawing courses first but not already sell your first attempts because you'll encourage people to do like you (I mean sell first attempts and doodles without discovering what drawing is about). Then they all will have dreams of creative life that will burst like a balloon in 2 months when real life will appear in their doors.

    Sure it's up to you to decide but I can see only uncertainty and whole your psychological portrait. Get a good teacher that will free your spirit and will make you more confident :) You'll have more to share with people then.

  10. Paige :: Approaching Joy / / Reply

    @Author I like to keep things positive so please know that I (and others obviously) are huge funs of what Ez does. I hope she continues to pursue her art however she sees fit.

  11. Ez / / Reply

    Thank you friends for your kind and supportive words. I appreciate each one of your thoughtful comments so much! Thanks for taking this journey with me! xo Ez

  12. Dora / / Reply

    Could you please tell us the origin of their names ? So cute, delicate and fitting !

  13. Ez / / Reply

    Thanks Dora! Their names don't have a special origin. As I was working on illustrating them I started to imagine their personalities, and those are the two names that popped into my head. :-) xo Ez

  14. Kristen / / Reply

    I thought I read somewhere you were going to put your prints on T shirts. Or am I imagining that? Love these and the fox and would LOVE LOVE LOVE on a shirt!

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