January 2012 Calendar Download

Hi guys! As promised, here is the free downloadable January 2012 calendar page that I made available last week through my newsletter (your download will begin as soon as you click the image). Once again I’ve designed the calendar to be repurposed as a postcard or mini art print once the month is over. I hope you’ll enjoy each month’s design, and have fun with them!

Just a quick note: it seems that there was a little bit of confusion regarding the difference between subscribing to my blog feed by email and signing up for the newsletter. They are two separate things, and the calendar is sent through the newsletter and not the feed. If you’d like to subscribe to receive it on or before the first of each month, the newsletter subscription form is found in the lower right-hand column. I will only be sending out the once monthly calendar download, so you don’t need to worry about me flooding your inbox with a bunch of random things.

And of course if you prefer not to receive the newsletter, but still want to be able to download the new calendar page each month, I will be making it available here on Creature Comforts approximately one week after the 1st of the month. Click on the image above to start your download. xo Ez

Psst…if you want to check out last year’s calendar (the illustrations still make great cards or art prints, even if 2011 is over), you can find it right here.

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  1. Al' / / Reply

    2012 Calendar seems at least as amazing as 2011! Congratulations ! I can't wait to see the others.
    I regret that we can't have it all at once as I used it in 2011 to separate month in my filofax and planed to use it the same way this year… But I guess I'll deal with it ;-)

  2. Vicki / / Reply

    ez, this bear is just stealing my heart. i adore your art and look at it again and again, thank you so much for sharing. xoxo

  3. cafenoHut / / Reply

    I am not too late, I have still 21 days from January:)
    I have just printed this sweet calendar for my friend's daughter, She'll love it. Thank you..

  4. maddie / / Reply

    When will the February page be put up? I just love the January one so much, makes my desk at work just a little more fun :)

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