Happy Friday + 3 Random Things

Happy Friday friends! Phew…what a crazy week! It’s been a bit of a challenge for me to get settled back in after my whirlwind trip to Alt Summit (more on that next week), and then on Wednesday I picked up some sort of a flu bug to top it all off…so I am very much looking forward to the weekend. Do you have any special plans? I have a lot of resting to do, but I’ll also be painting the February page of my free printable calendar (available next week – for those of you who have been wondering) and working on a new little project for the blog. It should be fun! Hope the next few days will be filled with excitement for you (or relaxation if that’s what you’re needing). xo Ez

And now…3 random things I’m loving today:

  1. I always love a good palette of paint, don’t you? | In the Wonderland 
  2. Cookie with sprinkles on top?! Sounds like just what the doctor ordered. | Little Glowing Lights
  3. More uses for old wooden puzzle pieces. You can find what I did with mine here. | MUS (via Marta Dansie)