Pin to Pan: Lentil Fritters with Cabbage Slaw

So on my flight home from Alt Summit this past Sunday I was thinking a lot about the direction I want to take my blog and one of the biggest realizations that I had is that I’d like to invest more time in actually creating/doing some of the many things that I am inspired by online. I also realized that part of what stops me is a rather hindering streak of perfectionism (especially when it comes to photo taking), so I’m kicking that by the wayside today with my first action post (photographed on my iPhone—eek). Yes, the photos are less than perfect, but I’m just going to be okay with it. I hope you might even feel inspired to try your hand at a recipe or project that you have been eying but putting off because you’ve been worrying about doing it just right.

Lentil Fritters with Cabbage Slaw from Real Simple (via Rachel Butler on Pinterest):

I cut this recipe in half, and adapted it by first by excluding the cilantro (which I cannot even stand the scent of), added 1/2 a clove of minced fresh garlic to the Greek yogurt spread (reduced the amount of red pepper flakes) and then served the whole thing on slices of toasted gluten free bread (in place of the pita). I don’t cook with legumes very often, but this has convinced me to do so more regularly. Yum! I had leftovers for lunch yesterday and started dreaming of more adaptations (maybe I’ll add some roasted chopped broccoli and red bell peppers in there next time). BTW if you are looking for canned lentils, I found them at the regular grocery store in the canned vegetable section along with the natural foods (the only variety I found was organic).

P.S. I heard a trick on t.v. the other night. If you squeeze a lemon into your food with the fruit facing up, the seeds won’t fall in. Clever! Just make sure to not get too close or you might get sprayed in the eye (I’m sharing that tip from experience, since they didn’t mention that part on t.v.).

P.P.S. I decided to take a quick photo (no styling or anything) with my regular camera and the results are much more tasty looking. I hope you all didn’t lose your appetite with my first photos above. I guess that this means I’m not off to such a great start with my non-perfectionistic posting goals, huh? xo Ez

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  1. heather / / Reply

    Ez, the recipe looks delicious! I'm thrilled to hear you're going to focus more time on doing and creating. I'm facing a similar struggle right now and it's inspiring to see someone I admire so much surpass the mental hurdles and just go for it.

  2. Pati / / Reply

    I think it looks very yummy and your pics are great! All of them….Great job.

  3. blue china studio / / Reply

    I think it is absolutely great that you are going to create and do. I can't wait to see more.
    I have that perfectionism thing too and it is really inspiring to see someone just go for it. And your "just going for it" looks pretty darn good. Your photos look fine!

    And the food looks delicious. I'm going to try this recipe.

  4. rebecca / / Reply

    They all look great! I love that blue ikat plate…the idea 'pin to pan' is just genius, I just collect recipes and look at them occasionally! Bad i know x

  5. Erica / / Reply

    These look delicious!

    And thank you for this post. I just started up with a new blog and I've been feeling less than inspired lately to work on it. I have so much that I want to try and do, but no motivation to actually get going. What you said about perfectionism (especially with photos) hit the nail on the head for me. Thank you for the inspiration to just dive in and get started again.

  6. Rebecca @ beautiful square feet / / Reply

    Good tip about the lemons – never thought of doing that before! Also, an inspiring post, thanks – I really need to start doing more things rather than just thinking about them! Food looks lovely too – yum!

  7. Samantha / / Reply

    Yes! I've also recently been blogging photos of food taken with my iPhone. I find that after several weeks, I'm finally somewhat pleased with the results…good for you for letting go of perfectionism! I bet if you keep at it, your phone photos will keep getting better and better :)

  8. Anna / / Reply

    Ez, I searched all over your blog, do you have a place where you list the lenses you use for your food shots etc?? I'm so interested! thanks, Anna

  9. Ez / / Reply

    Thanks so much guys! You've all truly made my week!
    Anna – I used a 18-200mm Nikon lens and a Nikon D300 camera.
    xo Ez

  10. Katie / / Reply

    Pin to Pan is an adorable title! And the food looks tasty to me in every picture. Pinterest is my favorite place to find recipes for everything…pinners seem to find the best stuff!

  11. Jacqui / / Reply

    Your pictures are great! and that recipe seems yummy. I had to laugh over the lemon juice in the eye tip. It reminded me of my university days when a tequila layback went in my eye … ouch! I like this new direction for your blog, it will be cool to see into the mind of such a creative person, where you draw your daily impromptu inspiration from, even if YOU think it's not picture perfect.

  12. fifiandflo / / Reply

    Love the colours in the first couple of pictures, gorgeous. Colourful food is ALWAYS the most appetising!

  13. jen v / / Reply

    "one of the biggest realizations that I had is that I'd like to invest more time in actually creating/doing some of the many things that I am inspired by online. I also realized that part of what stops me is a rather hindering streak of perfectionism (especially when it comes to photo taking"

    Thank you so much for the above quote. This is sooooo me. I can take a huge lesson from you in this post. i miss being creative and i love your blog. it is so inspiring!!!

  14. / / Reply

    i actually prefer the iphone photos…is that wrong :)
    this looks delish – i may have to try this recipe- thanks!

    p.s. loved your post about your outfits for alt summit

  15. Dawn / / Reply

    This looked so good I gave it a try tonight…. loved it (and like someone mentioned, they did taste like falafel, which is ooooo so good) – thank you for the food inspiration!

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