Pinterest Picks: 01. 23. 12

Hi guys! I’m back from Alt Summit and boy am I exhausted! Phew! It might take me a few days to recuperate from my whirlwind trip, but there will be posts coming soon that will sum up the event and all the awesome things I learned while I was there. I can’t wait to share. So anyhow, based off of my current fatigued state, I’m guessing that the next couple of days my posts will probably lean towards to light side of things. Thanks for hanging in there with me. And is it silly for me to say that I really missed you guys?! I did! More soon. xo Ez

1. Hand-printed Heart of Gold Stationery SetBesotted Brand (via me) | 2. Messy PonytailAfterDRK (via Jenny Vorwaller) | 3. DIY Color Bloged ShoesA Beautiful Mess Blog (via Amelie) | 4. DIY Stencil PillowWit & Whistle (via Jenn Kemper)