Pinterest Picks: 01. 23. 12

Hi guys! I’m back from Alt Summit and boy am I exhausted! Phew! It might take me a few days to recuperate from my whirlwind trip, but there will be posts coming soon that will sum up the event and all the awesome things I learned while I was there. I can’t wait to share. So anyhow, based off of my current fatigued state, I’m guessing that the next couple of days my posts will probably lean towards to light side of things. Thanks for hanging in there with me. And is it silly for me to say that I really missed you guys?! I did! More soon. xo Ez

1. Hand-printed Heart of Gold Stationery SetBesotted Brand (via me) | 2. Messy PonytailAfterDRK (via Jenny Vorwaller) | 3. DIY Color Bloged ShoesA Beautiful Mess Blog (via Amelie) | 4. DIY Stencil PillowWit & Whistle (via Jenn Kemper)

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  1. Yuki / / Reply

    Hello, just stumbled across to your website a few days ago. Spend every day browsing through your archives and had a lot of fun reading through them! Love this blog :)

  2. Benedicte / / Reply

    That hair clip is to die for.. and thank you for creating this amazing blog. I can't stop going through your earlier blog posts.

  3. tina / / Reply

    So jealous you went to alt summit… look forward to seeing your posts on it.
    Love the first and second pictures. Delicate and beautiful.

  4. Miss B. / / Reply

    Thank you Ez for including Besotted Brand! I actually was thinking of you when I made the hearts because I think it's so charming that Valentine's day is your favorite holiday, it's really sweet:) That stencil pillow is so going on my D.I.Y. I want to do list.

  5. Anton / / Reply

    That pillow is fab but one of my biggest pet peeves is this recent fad of using a plural pronoun as a neutral pronoun.

    "..we join up with them" How many people are we joining up with? Argh. English does not have a neutral pronoun. Using "them" is harshly incorrect.

    Here is a way to make it grammatically correct and keep the same spirit:

    "..weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up and fall in mutual weirdness." Tada! No 'with them' needed.

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