Drawing for Dogs

Artist Hannah Evelyn Rowlands has a simple yet brilliant idea to help raise funds for a special non-profit animal shelter in her area. For £12 (that’s about $19.50 US) she will draw a sweet custom portrait of your dog, and will then donate £10 of the proceeds to help dogs while they are waiting to find their forever homes. I just love Hannah’s artistic style and the spirit behind what she is doing and had to order two of her pieces…one for each of my furry family members.

Hannah will be creating these fundraising sketches until December, so if you have a dog-fancier in your life, a custom portrait of their beloved pooch would make an excellent holiday gift (don’t you agree)! And if you simply love dogs but don’t have one of your own, Hannah will draw you a charming pup in any dog breed of your choosing for the same price / donation amount! How sweet!

Hannah has reached 46% of her fundraising goal so far. What do say…shall we help her and some lovable pets out a bit today? You can visit Hannah’s shop here, and read more about her fundraising efforts and see examples of her dog illustrations on her blog, right here. xo Ez

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  1. Susan Black / / Reply

    what a fantastic idea !! & just in time for Christmas –
    Oh Boy, off I go to Hanna's site – thanks for posting this !

  2. Rachel A / / Reply

    That is darling! I wonder if she'll draw a cat? Everywhere in her shop, it says custom drawings of dogs, but I'm afraid I only have a kitty at the moment.

  3. Ez / / Reply

    I know Susan! I'm so excited to see how she'll capture my two dogs with her artistic talent!
    Rachel – I think that the shelter she is supporting is for both dogs and cats, so perhaps she'd be willing to draw a portrait of your cat for you. She's very nice (I emailed her yesterday and she got back in touch right away).
    xo Ez

  4. Kelly / / Reply

    This is the most wonderful idea! Thank you so much for sharing, Ez! I have two mini dachshunds, so I ordered two! I've been wanting little portraits of them for a while, and this is definitely the best way to get one! I'm so excited!

  5. Hannah / / Reply

    Thanks for this beautiful post on my project and helping to raise more for Battersea! :)

    Rachel if you buy a dog portrait but send your kitty i'd be happy to do a portrait! After all Battersea does help dogs and cats so the more raised the better!

    Hannah x

  6. Melissa de la Fuente / / Reply

    Done & done! I love this idea so much and just ordered one for us, one for my folks for Christmas , and two for my brothers in law! Who all love their dogs so much! :) Thanks hunnie!

  7. Kelly / / Reply

    I ordered two! One of each of Penny & Harvey (mini dachshunds). I think I might need to get another one for my mom! How exciting, and beautiful. What a great idea and super kind of Hannah!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Ez! :-)

  8. Kelly H / / Reply

    Thank you for sharing, this is a fab idea! Please show the sketches of your little lovelies when they're they arrive!

  9. Kelly H / / Reply

    Thank you for sharing, this is a fab idea! Please show the sketches of your little lovelies when they're they arrive!

  10. Elena / / Reply

    I love this! I just ordered one of our pooch when he was a puppy and have shared it with several other dog lovers. I hope that Hannah reaches her goal!

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