12 Free Inky Photoshop Brushes + A Quick How-to Video

Today I thought it might be fun to share a set of Photoshop brushes that I created a little while ago using calligraphy ink and a nice coarse brush. I saved the brushes at a high-resolution, so they are suitable for both web and print projects. If you’re not very familiar with using Photoshop brushes I’ve also put together a short video with some little tricks and tips that will enable you to customize these and any other Photoshop brushes you may have to make them even more functional and enjoyable. The video is best viewed in the full-screen mode.

First start by downloading the Photoshop brush set using the button below. I am also making these brushes available as a PNG file if you prefer to work with them that way. For this video tutorial, I am using the brush set (not the PNG file). Please note that because these are hi-resolution files they may take a little while to download.

Here’s an example of how you might use these shapes to dress up an image for your blog (look…it’s my new haircut too):

Or maybe you will use them with color to create a painterly image (quote found over on Pinterest):

You guys are so clever, I’m sure you will think of a ton of really great ways to use them. And of course if you’d like to…I’d love to hear from you if you do.

The fine print:

This set is available for you to use freely in both commercial and non-commercial works. The files themselves however are not available for distribution or sale. I know that sounds loopy, but it’s happened more than a few times. This isn’t too much to ask, right?! If you’d like to pass on the word about the brush set to your friends or blog readers, I’d love for you to link to this post directly. Thanks a heap for your support! I hope you’ll enjoy the brushes. xo Ez

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