Good Taste: Corn & Potato Soup with Queso Fresco

I’ve always been a huge fan of soup. My daughter on the other hand could do without. That is until I discovered this amazing South American recipe over on Pinterest a few weeks ago. Since then she has requested it for just about every meal, including school lunches (I’ve made it at least 7 times in the past couple of weeks). I see so many more tasty batches in the near future that I’m very seriously considering learning how to make my own Queso Fresco (it’s pretty pricey at Whole Foods).

I adapted the original recipe quite a bit to suit our tastes, and have included my version here for you. If you prefer a version with peas, more potatoes, and less Queso Fresco…then be sure to check out the original from TheKitchn. Either way…your taste buds are in for a treat.

Enjoy! xo Ez

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  1. Kimberly / / Reply

    Sounds delicious! I'll have to try this soon. Also, if you are looking to save some money on Queso Fresco, costco has it at a decent price. It's also delicious too. :)

  2. Jamie Herzlinger / / Reply

    Oh, this looks amazing! I am so going to make this, it's perfect for today because it's raining outside here in Phoenix! Thanks so much for sharing this!!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  3. indreams / / Reply

    oh this just looks SO GOOD! i can't wait to try it…though i'm not sure if i'll be able to find any queso fresco in toronto. any suggestions on a substitute?

    (also, thankyou so much for making the pdf downloadable! i hate having to muck up my computer while cooking/baking/checking stove temperatures.) :)

  4. maria / / Reply

    It looks delicious! I´m sure I´m cooking this next weekend. Thanks for the recipe.

  5. Emily Mowrer / / Reply

    Whoah-my-goodness, I am a soup fiend and WILL be making this pronto. Unfortunately I live in a pretty rural area and I'm not sure I will be able to find Queso Fresco – Iike the previous commenter, I'm interested to see if you have any suggestions for a substitute?

  6. Ez / / Reply

    Thanks for your comments everyone!
    Indreams + Emily – The cheese is truly the shining star of this soup, so I wouldn't recommend substituting in a different kind of cheese. However the link I shared above for making your own Queso Fresco actually sounds very simple, quick, and only requires 3 basic ingredients. I'm going to try a batch soon too! I bet it will taste even better than store-bought! xo Ez

  7. Ana / / Reply

    Looks delicious! Try finding a Mexican grocery store or the Latin section of some grocery stores carry queso fresco.

  8. Dawn / / Reply

    I just made this today and it was soooo good. I looked for queso fresco at grocery stores here and no one had even heard of it (er, neither had I). I was going to try substituting a different cheese (I didn't even see your 'how to make it' link above until I read about it in the comments), but decided against cheese altogether. It shouldn't have worked out really but it was still so delicious. With fresh bread it was a great early fall meal – though unlike your little, mine didn't like it, but he's not a potato fan. Regardless, thanks for the great recipe!

  9. Ez / / Reply

    That's tough to say Laura, since everyone judges portion sizes differently. But my daughter and I can eat approximately 3 meals from one batch. So I guess you might say 6 hearty servings. Enjoy!

  10. Angie / / Reply

    I can’t believe that you can’t get queso fresco. It’s so typical in my country (Argentina)
    that It’s hard to believe that in USA , you don’t eat it so frequently like here.
    I love this blog!!! I hope you can post more recipes from South America and other countries! :)

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