Pinterest Picks: A Thing For Hand-Lettering

 1. 365 Days of Hand Lettering by Lisa Congdon (via Colleen) | 2. Paris by Rachel Chew (via Me) | 3. Oui Oui by Badlands  (via Brandy)

I’ve had a thing for typography and hand-lettering since I was just a wee thing. When I was about 12 years old I vividly remember checking out a massive stack of calligraphy books from the library, and then spending hours in my room trying my hand at crafting each letter perfectly (never mind that I owned not even one calligraphy tool and was hacking away with just a simple ballpoint pen). After all this time I’ve never really mastered the art, but it’s still something that makes my heart go pitter-pat. I have a whole happy place over on Pinterest devoted to my love of type, so come on over and follow along if you’re heart skips a beat for all things typographically inclined too. xo Ez

4. Enjoy the Little Things from TheLoveShop (via Me) | 5. Bon Bon Brush Lettering by Henric Sjösten, seen on Eight Hour Day (via Molly) | 6. Judy Garland Quote by Molly Jacques for Inspired to Share (via Jessica)

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  1. Anna / / Reply

    Thank you for bringing back memories of my childhood. I was maybe a few years older. I think 13 or 14. I was very introverted and hadn't been accepted in the art program because I had been so immersed in band and orchestra. My mother had the quill and nibs so when I fell in love with calligraphy I had inexpensive tools to play with. I remember my art teacher asking me to show everyone and commenting in front of the class at how I was a natural. Thank you for this memory- and the link for the Judy garland quote. It was what I needed- permission to be in a quiet, restorative. Soaking it all in, place.

  2. Katie / / Reply

    I have sloppy handwriting and perhaps that's why I so adore anything handwritten…especially wonderful words like these. That very first one is gorgeous.

  3. Connie | Daydream In Color / / Reply

    These are so beautiful! I totally snagged an old calligraphy pen & "hand lettered" my own birthday invitations in 4th grade. I'm sure they were atrocious, but I loved it! I wish I had kept at it to eventually be as good as these!

  4. nauli / / Reply

    Love, love, love all the handwriting and would be so happy if mine could be a bit like these…

  5. marni zarr / / Reply

    beautiful interesting well done lettering has always been a dream of mine! i'm following you over at pinterest now. love.

  6. Zurien / / Reply

    I have got to tattoo that Judy Garland quote on my forehead in reverse! I used to try "calligraphy" with pens and pencils, too, and gave 'em up because I didn't have the "real" tools and "skills". Now we know we should nurture creativity no matter how undersourced we are.

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