12 Office Space Picks for Fall

Over the past few weeks, all the back to school prep I’ve been doing for my daughter has left me itching for a desk stocked with freshly sharpened pencils and pretty things to inspire my work day too. So I went on a little virtual hunt, and promptly added these pretties onto a wish list for my Fall office space organization and beautification. Love! xo Ez

1. Palomino Blackwing Writing PencilsKaufmann Mercantile | 2. Brass Tailor ScissorsFishs Eddy | 3. Leather MousepadsFreshly Picked | 4. Office Sign (available in aluminum and black & white) – Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. | 5. Vintage Ribbon Tin - Present & Correct | 6. Mini Kraft NotebooksAsk Alice | 7. Composition Notebook iPhone CaseKate Spade | 8. Midori Brass Number ClipsMy Maido | 9. Dux Brass Pencil SharpenerKaufmann Mercantile | 10. Marie Turnor Snak Leather ClutchPretty Mommy | 11. Brass Paperweight Block by Daniel EmmaTheo Theo | 12. Magnetic Tower by Daniel EmmaTheo Theo

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  1. Jess / / Reply

    Love these! Wish I had an excuse to stock up on great stationery…and then actually use them all instead of insisting that they're too gorgeous to actually (God forbid) USE! haha

  2. indreams / / Reply

    ooo, i love office supplies. isn't present and correct the most dangerous shop on the internet right now!? gah. <3

  3. Interaction / / Reply

    Gorgeous picks. I'm not sure why, but I'm particularly in love with that pair of scissors! I think I'm just obsessed with stationary – I was a kid who HAD to have a new pencil case/pens every new school year!

    Stacey @Interaction

  4. Diana / / Reply

    These are great office pieces. I love the combination of wood, white, black and gold!

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