Easy DIY Fabric Baby Shower / Party Garland

As I mentioned yesterday, I created a simple little garland to decorate for my sister’s baby shower on Sunday, and am excited to share the how-to with you here today. The process is so easy and perfectly customizable to any theme / color palette…maybe you’ll create one for your next party or shower! Bonus, the garland is reusable for future parties, or can be used by the new mom to decorate her baby’s nursery!

I came up with the concept after being inspired by this fabric ribbon garland by My Life as a Sugar Lander. I knew that I needed something that could be strung around the room…that wouldn’t drape down nearly as much but would have a similar visual effect. My sister is really into sewing and since the gender of her baby is unknown I went for a color theme using her favorite shades of peach and blue. Here’s what you’ll need to create your own garland:

  • Sturdy cotton twine
  • cotton fabric strips (ribbon would also work – and would create a similar look)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Pushpins or tape (for hanging the garland)

Begin by ripping your fabric into even strips. Mine were about 1.5″ wide. To create even strips quickly and easily, use a pair of scissors to snip along the top edge of your fabric, starting 1.5″ in from the outside edge of your fabric. Grasp fabric with both hands on either side of the portion you just snipped and pull firmly apart…fabric will tear neatly. Repeat this process with as many strips as you’d like to use. Next you will cut your long strips into shorter pieces. I made mine 10″ long, and they were the perfect length for tying.

Begin tying your fabric strips onto your twine one at a time. Lay a fabric strip down and place your twine on top of it. Tie a knot in your fabric around the twine. You can attach them featuring the colors and patterns in any order you’d like. Have fun with it.

Pull the knot nice and tight. Now it looks like a sweet bow!

Trim off the ends to make them perfectly even or shorter if you’d like (optional).

Ta-da! Repeat this step for as many bows as you’d like your garland to have. Since the bows are simply knotted on the twine they can be slid back and forth to create whatever kind of spacing you need. Hang your garland using pushpins or sturdy tape. Tip: To store your garland wrap it around a scrap piece of cardboard (like the inside tube of a roll of wrapping paper or the cut off flap on a cardboard box).

I also made another version in a different color combination using fabric scraps that my mom has had around since my childhood.

I hope you have a blast making your own version of this simple garland! xo Ez