5 Minute DIY: Gilded or Vibrantly Painted Mini Clothespins

It seems that often times the simplest things are the last things you think of. Such is the case with these DIY Painted Mini Clothespins. I’ve had an inspiration wire (literally just a wire hung with two nails) above my desk for a couple years now, and a mini teacup filled with mini wooden clothespins to hang pretty clippings up with right below it…but it wasn’t until just the other day when I was straightening up and had three bottles of nail polish in my hand to put away, that it occurred to me that I might just be able to jazz up my standard pins with a quick coat of polish. Sure enough, it was a total cinch to do and now I have pretty gilded pins hanging on my wire.

They also make great tag holders for topping gifts, or you could incorporate them into a table placesetting—try tying napkins with festive ribbons and then affixing place cards to the ribbons with your clips). Teeny-tiny 1″ wooden clothespins can be found in craft stores (I got mine at Michael’s) and online (I recommend Besotted Brand LLC). Don’t limit yourself to using only gold polish, there are endless colors or nail polish out there, so choose your favorite hues and have fun!

Supplies Needed:

  • Mini wooden clothespins – I used the 1″ size
  • Nail polish in gold or any other color you’d like — high gloss varieties work best
  • Scrap cardstock paper

Tip: Click on the following tutorial step photos to see an enlarged view in a new window.

5 minute DIY gilded or vibrantly painted mini clothespins

Step 1: Create a working/drying area for your clips with a piece of scrap cardstock. Fold one end of your cardstock to create a 3″ flap.

Step 2: Keep paper folded and create a 1″ fold on top of the initial 3″ fold. Turn paper over and fold the 1″ fold back the other way to deepen the crease.

5 minute DIY gilded or vibrantly painted mini clothespins

Step 3: Open Paper and pinch the portion where you created the 1″ fold so that it forms a raised peak.

Step 4: Repeat with the other end of your paper if you will be making more than just a handful of clips.

5 minute DIY gilded or vibrantly painted mini clothespins

Step 5: Attach one clip to the fold of your paper.

Step 6: Paint clip using nail polish, making sure to coat all sides.

Step 7: Repeat with as many clips as you’d like to make. Leave clip(s) attached to paper until they are completely dry (I recommend letting them sit for at least an hour).

5 minute DIY gilded or vibrantly painted mini clothespins

To use as a tag holder on a gift, wrap gift and tie with decorative twine. Attach clip onto the knotted portion of your gift and secure your gift tag inside it. Knot twine around the center of your clip and tie a bow to finish.

Prop notes: Twine from Knot & Bow | Mini Clothespins from Michael’s | Kraft Favor Box from Michael’s | hello friend card with decal from Shanna Murray | Art Print from Caitlin Shearer | Nail Polish pictured from Orly (Luxe), Revlon (Silver Dollar), and Piggy Polish (Sunrise Skies)

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  1. Aimee / / Reply

    What a cute and simple idea. And I adore those little clothespins. I'm going to have to try this soon. :)

  2. Jennifer Alexander / / Reply

    Love this idea! I just bought mini clothespins for my baby shower. I am going to have ladies guess how many in a jar in order to win a prize. I knew I wanted them pained but I was racking my brain for ideas. This is brilliant! :-)

  3. Katie / / Reply

    I love this! I used to paint things with fingernail polish all the time when I was a kid, but I had totally forgotten about it. This is definitely a more pretty, sophisticated version. And still so simple!

  4. ashlie / / Reply

    oh my gosh! these are too cute! i'm definitely going to hobby lobby this week to find some baby clothes pins. so many possibilities…

  5. Savanah / / Reply

    This is so cute! I love those little clothes pins, but they just look unfinished. This is the perfect final touch :)

  6. Holly / / Reply

    So cute, I've been toying with the idea of using wire to display photos instead of framing them, it's just so much easier than framing and you can change it up on a whim!

  7. Cheryl Ann / / Reply

    Really such a great idea! All around easier than any other way…more colors, better coverage, and of course a tiny built-in brush! Kudos for your inspiration! I just started a handmade wedding blog and I loved this idea so much and it is a perfect handmade touch to any wedding that a bride can easily accomplish. These little clothespins are versatile and fun to use in lots of ways, but I think this one may be the best!

  8. Bryony / / Reply

    Lovely idea! Can I ask where you got the box in the picture? I am trying to source some nice card gift boxes. Ta. X

  9. shalini / / Reply

    What a great idea! Love how elegant they look.

    I agree, the simplest of ideas are the best!

  10. jo / / Reply

    What a simply adorable idea. I love your gift wrapping ideas as well.

  11. Aria / / Reply

    Hi! I know you said it is easy – how exactly do you hang the wire and nails? I'm not sure what type of wire to purchase. Thanks!

  12. Ez / / Reply

    Hi Aria. Unfortunately I just kind of winged it with the wire and nails, so I don't have very solid advice to give you. The nails I used were pretty tiny (I didn't want to leave large holes in my wall), and the wire is thin enough that it is easy to manipulate with your fingers and a pair of needle-nose pliars, but thick enough so that it doesn't bend without being made to (some wire is so thin that it is floppy…you don't want that kind). I recommend the jewelry making section of a craft store. That wire will probably be thin enough for use as an inspiration wire. xo Ez

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