Good Taste: Minty Tea Cooler

Last month when I was back on the East Coast visiting a dear friend, we took a day trip to Terrain and had the best time. One of the highlights was the delicious food in their restaurant. They make a refreshing mint tea au lait that completely stole the show.

It was one of those things that you can’t help but think about over an over again, and finally (thankfully) my friend came up with a quick and easy version of the fabled drink that comes pretty darn close to matching it. You can make do with your own home-steeped tea, but the best results we found are:

Mix 2 parts chilled Sweet Leaf Mint & Honey Tea (found at both Whole Foods and Target, or find it in your area) to 1 part milk (I use skim, but you can use any kind you’d like). Serve with ice and relish the cool mintiness. Just watch out…you might become hooked! Happy weekend friends! xo Ez 

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  1. Kelly / / Reply

    I'm doing this BUT seriously adding a genourous helping of white rum.

  2. Jessica / / Reply

    This looks wonderful! I always love Starbuck's Earl Grey tea lattes, and this sounds like it would be the perfect summer equivalent. Plus, minty! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anna / / Reply

    I have no way of getting my hands on the tea you mentioned in my area but I will improvise with my sweet tea and some sweet mint that I planted last week. Sounds wonderful!

  4. Barb / / Reply

    Was expecting a static page. Thought I was seeing things but phew! no! the glass was filling up with milk. :) Looks very refreshing. Heading to my local natural food co-op today to get a couple of bottles. Though would be nice to enjoy on a hot Vermont day – a lot of cool temps and rain past few days.

  5. Nora / / Reply

    Just whipped this up – completely delightful! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Margarida / / Reply

    Ouch! This sounds delicious :-) I must make it when the weather is warmer… It's too rainy and cold for this drink :-S

  7. madison / / Reply

    sweet leaf tea is one of my all time favorite drinks! I need to try the mint&honey but I'm still caught up by the peach flavor…mmm.

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