In My Studio: Organizing Wrapping Paper

I spotted this awesome Galvanized Wire Basket at Target the other day and decided that even though I didn’t immediately know what I needed it for, I just had to have it anyhow. Once I brought it home, I quickly decided that it would be put to use as storage for my many rolls of wrapping paper. I was happily surprised by how many fit inside it too!

This is what my wrapping paper storage looked like previously (eek). Since it was in the back corner of my studio closet I always had a really hard time getting the specific paper I wanted, and things got messy…and stayed messy. So hooray for this new storage solution (I’ll be putting the holiday wrapping paper away in the garage, and then the whole backside of my closet will be available space again—yay). As some of you suggested on Instagram when I was trying to convince myself to buy the basket, it really can be used for so many things…from storing extra towels or throw blankets, to holding magazines and book, etc. So whether I keep my rolls of paper in it indefinitely or for just a short while, I’m really happy with my basket and all it’s organizational potential! xo Ez

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  1. Jenny / / Reply

    Awesome basket! I'll need to see if our Target carries it. I also love your little butterfly garland and those darling sleepy dogs.

  2. Elizabeth / / Reply

    A perfect idea! And I love all the pretty colors and patterns of your wrapping paper.

    Cheers, Elizabeth @ The Corner Apartment

  3. Amy @ Lovely Nest / / Reply

    Such a cute & great idea! I have a bunch of wrapping paper just sitting on the floor in a corner, leaning up against a wall, but I love this. It makes it look like it's supposed to be there instead of just "I don't know where to store this, so I'll just lean it here!" I may have to go pick up one for myself!

  4. Erica / / Reply

    I've been looking for something like this to hold my wrapping paper for a long time now. Right now my wrapping paper is just in a terrible heap on the floor where it gets trampled, torn and wrinkled. This little basket will definately do the trick to clean up that mess. Gotta love Target!

  5. jen / / Reply

    haha my wrapping paper is currently…very shamefully.. stored on top of my dryer. i think they need a basket too!

  6. Melissa de la Fuente / / Reply

    LOVE it! ( hi Stella, Hi Orey! cutie pies) You have so much beautiful paper, hun…no surprise there! It looks great in the basket and I see some pretty books on the shelf there…hmm? :)

  7. indreams / / Reply

    love it! i also love how many mags i see (organized!) in the corner of the first shot…i thought i was the only one who kept mags like that! trying to convince my boyfriend that 4 boxes of magazines (domino, elle decor uk, living etc, blueprint) were useful AND pretty was the tough part…maybe i need to show him some wire baskets instead? :)

  8. Stephanie Hillberry / / Reply

    I was instantly drawn to the top photo because I love the colors and patterns of the paper. Who needs expensive furniture and fancy decorations when you can light up a corner with pretty wrapping paper? Genius.

  9. Lis / / Reply

    Love it! So many possible uses. Is the basket well made?

  10. Holly / / Reply

    I only use brown kraft paper. I wrap everything but use loads of different pretty/manly looking ribbons and strips of fabric for tying about it. I was always mourning the loss of lovely gift wrap to the cupboard scrunch.
    I love your solution too though. Wire baskets are divine!

  11. xiaoying / / Reply

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  12. Karen / / Reply

    Your dogs are adorable! And now I definitely need a wire basket. I just have to find someone selling one in the UK! :)

  13. Katie / / Reply

    It's perfect! The pretty basket turns storage into a little decoration. I love your various papers–they're SO pretty!

  14. Burkha / / Reply

    I adore your wrapping paper collection. so vary!
    Are those 2 little dogs in the picture, yours? they are lovely!!!! they look so comfortable.

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