Good Taste: Half-way to Heaven Peanut Butter Cookies

After I returned from my trip late last week, I couldn’t wait to try out a few tasty new recipes that I’d been eyeing on Pinterest during my time away (I posted about the strawberry cheesecake pie on Monday). Ahh…the homey goodness of cooking in your own kitchen! I actually posted about these Half-way to Heaven Peanut Butter Cookies by Broma Bakery a few weeks ago, but after making them I felt compelled to follow-up with a recipe review.

So here you go: if you are a lover of peanut buttery desserts do yourself a favor and add these to your next baking day plans. They are delicious served both with and without the peanut butter cream filling, so if you’re trying to lighten things up a bit, you can leave it out (although I do recommend at least trying it with the filling once). Not only are these little morsels of goodness easy to make, but the end result is so yummy, nobody will believe that you weren’t slaving away for hours to create them. I didn’t give away any of my batch (I know, sooo bad) but my dear friend Marichelle packaged up the ones she baked to share at a party she attended and they were a big hit. Doesn’t her packaging kill you?!

Find the Half-way to Heaven Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe here. If you need your cookies to be gluten-free (like I do) you can include these simple adaptations:

  • Use gluten-free rolled oats, like the kind available through Bob’s Red Mill (I purchased mine at Whole Foods)
  • Use gluten-free flour, like Carol’s gluten-free all purpose flour
  • Be sure to use gluten-free versions of all other ingredients, such as the vanilla and peanut butter
  • Keep all measurements the same as the original recipe

Photo by me (Ez Pudewa)

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  1. C.D. Beatrice Clay / / Reply

    OMG we are food twins! I made a batch of these delcious cookies for an office party last Wednesday. I saw the photo on Pinterest and nearly passed out, they looked so good! They were so delciious, in fact, that I made a second batch this past Sunday (don't judge me LOL). I have the last four on my desk right now (they will be gone before 5pm promise)!! Aren't they so easy to make!?! YUMMERS! I've been making a lot of the recipes on my Food Love pin board. I love Pinterest and Creature Comforts!!

  2. Marichelle / / Reply

    Seriously. The. Best. Cookies. EVER. (I followed the original recipe) xo

  3. Stephanie Hillberry / / Reply

    Those look delicious. And yes–I do LOVE peanut butter snacks. I've been craving the activity of baking a lot lately, I think because it's so simple and grounding. This gives me another recipe to try! (but first I have to finish my Oreo cake. And go for a jog.)

  4. mel / / Reply

    These look so drool-worthy. Gluten-free never had it so peanutbuttery! ;-) Thanks so much for sharing your adaptations.

  5. Cassie / / Reply

    these look scrumptious!
    i think i may have to make them asap!so nice to see yummy gluten free recipes!

  6. Kate / / Reply

    I love you. I am making these ( the gluten free version) as soon as humanly possible! Thanks

  7. Broma Bakery / / Reply

    Hi from Broma Bakery! Wow, I can't believe all the positive responses! How wonderful! Thanks for sharing :)

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