One Good Thing: Treehouse Point

Oh my goodness…don’t you wish you could spend your weekend tucked away in one of these magical little getaways at Treehouse Point in Issaquah, Washington (as featured in this lovely post by Fox in the Pine). I’m in awe!

Whatever your weekend plans are I hope they will be every bit as relaxing as these photos (be sure to pop over to Fox in the Pine to see more images from their trip). See you next week…I’ll be back to my post-vacation / regular posting schedule. Woohoo! xo Ez

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  1. Elizabeth / / Reply

    Looks very cozy! A perfect spot to get away for the weekend and out of the city!

    Cheers, Elizabeth

  2. ABC / / Reply

    Eek! I got married at Tree House Point in July of 2010… it was every bit of magic that one could imagine. I recommend all to spend a night in the trees, it's good for you.

    So happy to see them featured here.

  3. val / / Reply

    Beautiful tree house . I did not comment at the post but I just saw your pictures amazing photos. I live aroud buganvillias it is a year roud flower around here, so I know is a beautiful flower but you pictures are even more. Sorry to hear about your Grandma.
    Regards Val

  4. Jeanette / / Reply

    Oh…how refreshing. vacationing in a tree – house has been on my bucket list for some time now!
    Blessings -J

  5. Ella / / Reply

    These photos are gorgeous! Thanks for introducing me to such a cute blog.

  6. indreams / / Reply omigod. that just gave me the stomach-clenching jealousy of a lifetime! what a place…!

  7. Barb / / Reply

    My husband and I stayed at Tree House Point. It was absolutely amazing!!!

  8. Lora / / Reply

    Wow! I had no idea this existed…and I live in Issaquah! LOL! Thanks for bringing it to my attention – i think a little "stay-cation" is in my future!

  9. Valerie / / Reply

    Just came across this post and WOW, this would be a perfect weekend get away from the city. Thanks Ez for posting! Really like the Fox in the Pine blog as well – it's been bookmarked.

  10. Leslie / / Reply

    thank you for posting this, we're a few weeks away from our vaca trip here thanks to finding this on pintrest! w00t!

  11. Ashton / / Reply

    This sounds so lovely! I’m planning a roadtrip out west next summer, and a detour to Washington just for this sounds like the perfect ending! X

  12. Amber / / Reply

    Does anyone know about how much renting a tree house at tree house point would cost?

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