A Few of My Favorite Shops for Unique Gifts

Hi lovelies! Instead of sharing just a handful of pretty Mother’s Day gift ideas with you guys today, I thought I’d switch things up a bit and give you a wee round-up of some of my favorite shops for finding unique gifts. Perfect for Mother’s Day…or any day!

Chronicle Books: Beautiful books and paper goods | Tip: Try their Gift Finder. // FEATURED HERE: Big Fat Cookies / $17.95 | Nests / $29.95 | Secrets of Simplicity / $19.95 | Silhouette Art / $18.95

Anthropologie: Style, Home and Beauty | Tip: Browse their gift picks. // FEATURED HERE: Curvy Chrysanthemum Vase / $28 | Crinkled Flower Clip in Orange / $18

Terrain: Home, Living and garden | Tip: Visit their “Gift” category for some lovely ideas. // FEATURED HERE: Natural Opinel Knife Set / $88 | Wildflower Seed Collection /$25 | Ethel’s Fleur-de-lis Gloves / $22 | Porcelain Measuring Jug / $28

Old Faithful: Home, Apothecary and Living // FEATURED HERE: Carrière Frères Industrie Candle / $47 | Enamel Colander / $38.95 | Bellocq Tea / $38.95 | Dodecahedron Terrarium / $160 

Pinhole Press: Custom photo gifts and goods | Tip: Check out their Mother’s Day gift suggestions // FEATURED HERE: Bound Journal / $49.99 | Annual Framed Calendar / $39.99 | /$ | Portrait Notepad / $12.99 | 9-Photo Framed Collage / $39.99

Brookfarm General Store: Home & Living // FEATURED HERE: Wooden Handle Trowel / $20 | Enamel Pie Set / $95 | Ceramic Candlestick Holders / $75 | Round Wire Basket / $68

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  1. Ez / / Reply

    Ooo….or to make the gift even sweeter, give the pie set with a selection of tasty cookbooks inside it! xo Ez

  2. Mitri / / Reply

    Thank you for sharing these sites! They are right up my alley & can't wait to explore them…

  3. Tan / / Reply

    I think chronicle books publishes my favourite books. I'll often pick up a book in the store, read through it, LOVE it, look at the spine and sure enough, there are those familiar little glasses – the chronicle logo

  4. Ez / / Reply

    That's exactly what always happens to me too Tan!! Chronicle consistently produces the most beautiful books for sure! xo Ez

  5. Miz.November / / Reply

    Awesome post. And I have to say that my pair of Ethel gardening gloves are my favorite ever. They fit so nice and let my hands move naturally. Great pick.

  6. Amelia Herbertson / / Reply

    Such beautiful items! I really love that porcelain measuring jug. I'm super low on cash at the moment so I am making Mum some jewelry and making her a Gold Paint-Dipped Faux Porcelain Bowl that you featured as a last minute gift idea! Oh and I'm going to top the present with one of your DIY fabrid peonies. Thanks for the great ideas!!

  7. Lindsay K / / Reply

    So glad you featured Terrain. I love the store and restaurant and I'm planning on picking up something from there for my mom for mother's day.

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