Free Printable Gift Tags – Inspired by Lauren Moffat Spring 2012

free printable gift tags inspired by Lauren Moffat Spring 2012

So today I decided to kill the proverbial “two birds with one stone” (such a horrible expression by the way), by getting my Souvenir Foto School assignment out of the way while simultaneously sharing a fun new free printable with you all! I’m feeling especially clever, because I’ve been going a tad loopy trying to think of what to photograph for my letter “X” challenge…and now I can cross it off my list. Woohoo!

To Use: Download and print out your tags by clicking on the download buttons beneath each feature photo above. Print designs onto heavy-weight paper. Use a 2″ craft punch for the circular tags, or cut out all shapes using a pair of scissors. String with ribbon or twine and attach to gifts. These can also be used for scrapbooking, to create festive hanging banners, and more. You guys are so creative, so I’m sure you’ll come up with some clever uses for them.

These tags were inspired by the gorgeous Spring 2012 collection from Lauren Moffat (posted about earlier today). I hope you’ll enjoy using them to spruce up some pretty gifts this coming Spring! Also, if you’re interested in the font I used in the alphabet tags, it is called Ribbon by Lost Type Co-op. Isn’t it wonderful?! Have a gorgeous weekend! xo Ez