From Wares to Wear: Make this Photo into an Outfit

Hi lovelies! Before we get into the good stuff I first have to apologize for my oh-so tardy post today. I wish I could say that I had a glamorous reason, but in fact I was just up too late last night watching Downton Abbey when I should have been blogging (tsk tsk). Do you watch the show? I’m completely hooked!

Anyhow, I love putting together my From Wares to Wear posts, and I thought that it was probably about time for a new one today. After being smitten with this photograph by Erich Mcvey Photography (spotted via Lisa Rupp on Pinterest, and seen on Style Me Pretty) I immediately started imagining what a wearable translation would look like. The stripes seemed like a no-brainer, but after hunting and hunting I was never able to find a decent striped wardrobe piece that didn’t look like it was better suited for the circus. So I just changed the direction of my look a bit and decided to try to come up with the sort of outfit I might wear to the sweet yet somewhat causal outdoor fete seen in the inspiration photo. What do you think? Would you choose to dress more formally, or less? What sort of pieces would you add in to make the outfit you? I’d love to hear. xo Ez

Inspirational photo by Erich Mcvey Photography | Uzi™ Tank TopMadewell | Boyfriend BlazerTopshop (via Mia) | The Tassel WalletMadewell | Perfect Leather BeltMadewell | Favorite Boyfriend Jeans (I’d wear them cuffed) – American Eagle | Maddie Eva Sole BroguesTopshop | Arrow Cuff BraceletsOdette NY

P.S. If you’d like, you can check out all my past From Wares to Wear posts right here.

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  1. Nikki / / Reply

    I love Downton Abbey. I started watching over the Christmas holiday. Can't get enough.
    I'm loving the bracelets in this outfit. The photo has lots of apples, so I imagine it's in the fall. Jeans and a blazer are a great way to dress up and be comfortable.

  2. Nelli Joy / / Reply

    I loooovveee Downton Abbey! I was hooked too. Being English I got to watch it months and months ago though, can't wait for the next season!!

  3. Vicki / / Reply

    I think I would have gone denim on top with a long plaid flannel skirt? But I love what you put together. I always love what you put together! Love the accessories especially on this one. And Downton Abbey is very addictive!

  4. Tan / / Reply

    What a fantastic idea! I absolutely love this!
    I would incorporate a pop of deep yellow shown in those glasses of (what I assume to be) apple cider. Red, yellow, black and grey.

  5. Emily Wenstrom / / Reply

    I've only seen Downtown Abbey a few times but when I do it only takes about 10 seconds to get completely absorbed. Love it.

    Love the bright bright red here. That clutch is incredible!

  6. Elisa / / Reply

    I LOVE this outfit! I love mixing different styles, like girly and androgynous, or edgy and feminine, so this is definitely my cup of tea :-)

  7. Jessie / / Reply

    Ha! I saw the outfit and thought, "What?? No stripes, no plaid?" and then read your text. Way to think outside the box!

  8. Ez / / Reply

    Thanks guys! And thanks for sharing your Pinterest board links with me too! You all are a very stylish bunch! xo Ez

  9. Emily / / Reply

    I love this concept–I've looked at several of your themes just now. For this photo, I was especially taken by the variations on grays in the woodpile and the faded wooden folding chairs. I think I'd have gone with taupes/beiges/charcoals with pops of red. Fun to imagine!

    And yes, we too are addicted to Downton Abbey. It's a great escape from everyday life!

  10. Rebekah Carey McNall / / Reply

    How funny, I designed this shoot and hadn't seen this yet! I'm a big fan of your blog so it's quite the pleasure to have one of my designs featured here!

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