Inspiration Daily: Globetrotter + Your Project Runway Questions

Photography by Stephanie Williams for the Ruche Summer Resort Look Book (via Deanna on Pinterest).

By the way I just learned that I’ll be having the chance to present any questions I’d like to 40 of the past Project Runway designers (all together for a big party I’m nervously attending on Saturday). So I would absolutely loooove your help coming up with some great topics. Let me know if you have any burning questions for any of your favorite (or not so favorite) past and present contestants and I’ll do my best to get them answered for you. As far as I know I will also be tweeting at the event using hashtag #ProjectRunwayHP…so keep a lookout for that Saturday evening. xo Ez

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  1. Sara C. / / Reply

    I would ask Mondo when we will find his fantastic creation in shops (Italian shops!).
    I think he is a real genius! Please tell him!
    Have fun
    Sara C.

  2. Heather / / Reply

    Hello! I just found and now adore your website! I'm in the process of going through your old posts. So fabulous! I would love to know if Austin and Santino's tv show will come out on dvd or if they will be doing anything else together. I was so sad when it didn't come back. It was the best show to raise your spirits and to make you smile. Thank you for inspiring me!

  3. Jessica / / Reply

    I would just love an update from some of the winners and favorites! I've read Alison Dahl's blog on Burda Style and seen Jay's fabric line, but I would love to know what the others are up to. Also, how they feel the show has changed, I think it's much more dramatic (in a bad way) that it used to be, more like Survivor, than about fashion.

  4. Emily K / / Reply

    I've always been curious if the designers do any research or preparation before the show begins taping. Like– there's usually a children's wear challenge, so if you know this and have never done that before, do you practice up after finding out you've been cast?

    Also…why didn't Danny V win Season 2? ;)

    Have so much fun…whatever will you wear?!

  5. Stephanie / / Reply

    Does Jay wish he had won a later season than Season One? I know he turned down the prize and it seems like the show has gotten more realistic with the conditions of accepting the winnings.

    How on earth do you pick out fabric so fast? I can't even pick out muslin at Joann's in 30 minutes.

    For those who didn't win, do you feel like PR helped your career?

    Sanction Rice, why are you so frickin' fabulous?!

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