The HP / Project Runway Challenge: Week 6

So this past week on Project Runway, contestants were instructed to create an avant garde outfit inspired by a piece of student art. As you can imagine, I was thrilled by the challenge and couldn’t wait to get started with my own translation using the HP TouchSmart to complete my sketch.

What I discovered is that it is far more challenging to design from another person’s artwork that I previously assumed it would be. I guess you could say that I was a little overly confident. In the end it took me a full hour just to decide which piece of art I wanted to use as my inspiration (and time was something I definitely didn’t have any extra of this weekend, since I am trying to get ready for my trip to NYC) and then another 1-2 hours to come up with a halfway decent design. In the end I used this painting by Jennifer Davis to inspire the “construction” of an evening gown with unexpected details – such as exaggerated sculptural shoulder pads, hand beaded details, and a fringe overlay on the skirt of the dress.

This Friday I’ll be attending the Project Runway finale (but upon pain of death I will be swearing not to share any results with you or anyone else until the final show airs). That doesn’t mean I won’t have lots to dish about upon my return, so stay tuned for my posts while I’m in NYC next week and even more after I return!

If you missed my past 5 challenge interpretations you can find them here. xo Ez

Painting by Jennifer Davis.


Full disclosure: HP provided me with a TouchSmart 610 computer for use with these weekly challenges. All content was left solely up to me. I have not been financially compensated for my opinions of this product or the Project Runway show.

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  1. Amanda@doievenlikethis / / Reply

    I rather love this. I could see the floral embellishment as a beautiful necklace rather than a collar so that it could hang even lower over the silhouette. Still, completely lovely.

  2. Sarah / / Reply

    I was so disappointed by the outcome of the challenge on the show, but knew the bloggers would come through with something wonderful. Gorgeous – love this!

  3. leah / / Reply

    Ez,this dress is gloriously beautiful! i would love to own a dress that you have designed. you have an amazing talent!!! xxx

  4. allyn / / Reply

    ez, this is a beautiful interpretation. i love this show….and so does my 6 yr old daughter. she sticks around for the sketches and final product only but we chat it up on what we thought and why we like it.

    great challenges. what a fantastic project. i haven't checked out the others so i'll do that now.

    will be keeping up.

  5. Vicki / / Reply

    i just finished watching this episode! ez this dress is amazing and i love the print you chose as your inspiration. i want to wear this beautiful gown. xoxo

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