Site for Sore Eyes: Amy Merrick

I first spotted the newly lauched website of Floral Designer/Stylist Amy Merrick over on flickr last week and just knew I had to share it with you all. Isn’t the homepage design perfection? The story behind the design is both inspring and fascinating, so if you have a moment or two on your hands I definitely recommend visiting Amy’s blog to read more about it.

Of course you must also be sure to browse around through Amy’s site. Her floral designs are pure heaven…

…as is her styling:Hop on over and see everything for yourself right now. xo Ez

All images from Amy Merrick. And for her Amy’s website design she worked with: Logo and text layout – Macon York | Homepage photos – Bryan Gardner | Website navigation – Andrew Fiorillo | Copy editor – Erica Nikolaidis | the digital frames used in this post are from Besotted Brand Blog

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  1. Miss B. / / Reply

    Oh gosh is this an AMAZING find! I love it and the home page is so creative like a tear page from a favorite mag, just so original and just when this post couldn't get ANY better it did! Gah, thank you for the mention, the frames never looked so pretty!!!!

  2. Macon / / Reply

    thanks so much for the credit! love seeing how much blog love amy's site is getting!

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