The HP / Project Runway Challenge: Week 2

Hi lovelies! I’m back for week two of my HP TouchSmart / Project Runway Challenge. If you missed last week’s post, then you can catch up right here. Before I get started I just want to thank you all for your kind words of encouragement on my first challenge post. I was super nervous to share my wonky little sketches with you, but you guys made me feel instantly at ease with all your sweet comments. Hugs all around!

So now…if you caught Project Runway this past week (if not you can watch the entire 2nd episode here for free), then you know that this week was the always entertaining “Unconventional Challenge.” This season found the contestants scrounging around a pet supply shop for materials to complete a runway-worthy garment. Of course they were strongly encouraged by Tim Gunn to steer away from anything textile-based, at which point the designers started grabbing bags of birdseed and dog food, and the craziness began.

For my interpretation I decided to not follow Tim Gunn’s advice (sorry Tim) and immediately chose textile-based pet supplies (found in a few online shops) to create my virtual look: a scalloped hem romper (made from a dog bed) with woven (dog leash) top. I then used my TouchSmart 610 to bring it to “life” with the sketch above (my daughter drew the hair — I promised her I’d tell you guys that).

Of course I didn’t actually have to sew anything, so I’m afraid I had it much easier that any of the contestants on the show. Sewing through a bunch of dog leashes sounds like a good way to lose a finger or five. Eep!

So what do you think? Was this challenge the cat’s meow or completely for the dogs? What objects would you have used to create an unconventional look from pet store items? I’d love to hear your ideas. xo Ez

Psst…you can find my other HP / Project Runway post(s) right here.

Objects used in my outfit: Navy Blue Dog LeadBow Wow Couture  | Auburn Town Leather LeashWag | Pet Bed in Waverlee Blue – Jax & Bones | Beloved Clog SandalsBanana Republic


Full disclosure…because that’s just how I roll. HP provided me with a TouchSmart 610 computer for use with these weekly challenges. All content was left solely up to me. I have not been financially compensated for my opinions of this product or the Project Runway show.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008 at 06:00 AM


  1. puppyloveprincess / / Reply

    so cute! that shade of blue is really wonderful. i love the look head-to-toe, and i'd definitely wear it!

    also, the puppy is ADORABLE…

  2. Kelly / / Reply

    love it! and your daughter did a great job on the hair. my figures continue to remain headless. ;)

  3. Briel K. / / Reply

    I don't watch the show but I love the outfit you've put together. Super cute drawing!

  4. Meli (Blush + Jelly) / / Reply

    I just love your sketching! Tell your daughter that the hair looks great! I couldn't even get something half as decent as what she sketched.

  5. Vanna / / Reply

    I saw the episode with the pet store items… my mom and I were totally drawn in by it. Even if it was a little wacky. I think I might start watching Project Runway more often.
    I love this, though! So inspiring.
    And I adore the hair. <3

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