A Day At Terrain: Part Two

So it took me all of yesterday, but I actually manage to wade through all of the photos that I took at Terrain this past Tuesday…and here my favorites are! If you’d like to see more you can view all 106 shots that I edited in my flickr album right here and catch up with Part One of my Day At Terrain right here.

| Scrumptious cakes and a visit from the Baked fellas, Matt and Renato |

| A beautiful fall color / table setting story in eggplant and squash green |

| Miniature plants from our Terrarium Workshop, and my almost finished Terrarium (it even made it all the way home with me on the plane) |

| Details of a hand-cut tablerunner that the Terrain team created + an awesome lighting display |

| Gorgeous Farmhouse 1890 products (packaging design by Joy Cho) | A chalkboard display with handwritten signage | The terrarium corner | Awesome packaging|

| A view of the shop |

| A few more products that I loved from the shop |

And finally…flowers, flowers, and more flowers!

So friends, if you ever have the opportunity to visit Terrain in person be sure not to pass it up (also be sure to arrange at least a couple hours for what is sure to be a very blissful stroll around). And if you can’t make it in for a visit, the Terrain online shop is always open and carries many of the same goodies that are available in their physical store. Hooray!

Full disclosure: Terrain hosted me for this special blogger visit, but did not financially compensate me for my opinions or this (or any) post I’ve written about them. I just had an incredible day and wanted to share it with you in the only way I know how. I hope you enjoyed it and found at least a few things to inspire and brighten your day. Don’t forget that if you’d like, you can see a lot more photos in my Flickr album. xo Ez

All photography by Ez Pudewa (me)

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  1. Katie / / Reply

    Oh my goodness, this is so gorgeous! I want to go and live there! It looks like you had a lovely time in a crazy lovely place.

  2. christelle is flabbergasting / / Reply

    Your pictures are amazing EZ. You and Hannah (from Honey&Jam) make me want to live in there! It's simply gorgeous! All the details are sooo beautiful! Thanks a lot for sharing and have a nice week-end even if it's freaking hot outside! :)

  3. Katherine / / Reply

    What a great field trip! I enjoy browsing their website, and would love to someday travel that way for a visit. Thanks for sharing so many great photos of your time!

  4. Joy / / Reply

    More photos! I will definitely go to the online shop and check it out for more :)

  5. Erin / / Reply

    These pictures are breathtaking, Ez! You were right–they don't call you a blogger for nothing. ;) It was a treat to get to spend the day with you at Terrain and be inspired by all of the creativity there. Your pictures capture all of the beauty around every corner of the place. Thank you for sharing the ones that didn't make the blog cut too (I looked at all of them…beautiful.) I really hope we get the chance to meet again someday! :)

  6. Ziba / / Reply

    Beautiful post and photography.. I very much enjoyed your tour, makes me wish I could visit them..

  7. Seaworthy / / Reply

    I always see the most beautiful photos of this place! It looks amazing. You really captured it well. Whoever puts it together really has an eye. PS… I also love that bee keeping is trendy now. We are getting amazing honey from portland bee keepers lately.

  8. gosia / / Reply

    this lovely picure of honey jars makes me think of 'the secret life of bees' and how August would put some honey comb into her jars of honey too… I spotted the book on your pinterest board made my dad get it in Canada for me and now i'm reading it and can't put it down (except for a short while to see your blog and see what you've concocted for us this time, you wizzard!)

  9. Jodi / / Reply

    Oh my goodness…this is a little slice of heaven! Thank you so much for taking such perfect pictures and sharing this experience!! It has been added to my "places to go" file!!

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