The Post in Which I Beg for Your Fashion Advice

Hi sweets! This post steps quite a bit outside of my usual comfort zone as I am going to turn the virtual focus upon myself for a second. Oh gosh…scary.

Here’s the deal. I really need your help! I’ve attached images here of the clothing items that I will be packing to wear for NY Fashion Week. Yes they are all black…every single thing (unless I count denim as a color).

So you can see why I desperately need your help dear ones. How do I brighten this funereal palette up and do color right? What would you recommend? A neon belt around the dress? A bright tank under the beaded top? You can see how flummoxed I am. Ack! Any little tips, tricks, or shopping links you can share will be forever appreciated. P.S. I also feel like I should mention that I had to go out and buy just about everything you see here for this trip since my usual day-to-day blogger “style” is of the comfortable jeans and 5-yr old t-shirt variety. This is also the first dress I’ve owned in about 9 years (my last one was a wedding dress)! At least I have a few good staples in my closet now though, right?!

Credit and links (many of the pieces here are from the outlet mall in Oklahoma City, so I don’t have active links to share for those. Sorry.):

BCBGMAXAZRIA Dress | MICHAEL Michael Kors Tracey Open-Toe Pump (I purchased mine at Dillard’s) | Nine West Flats | Fossil Watch | Set of Three Bangles from Fail Jewelry | Hinge Bracelet (made by me) | J.Crew Belt (from a couple years ago) | Business Cards printed by Moo (I love them) | Beaded Top (by unknown — the tags were gone when I bought it) | DKNY Button Down Top | Assorted Jeans| Drapey Band-Waist Pants from Gap (they run big so I recommend a size or two down) | Black Out Sweater from Mohawk General Store | Xhilaration® Short Sleeve Tee from Target | Cole Haan Marley Tote |

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  1. Alicia / / Reply

    I love all this stuff! I know you don't want to seem funeral-y , but I feel like you have a pretty clear aesthetic going here so I wouldn't stress about trying to punch it up with neon if that's not what you're feeling. I admire the Acne-esqe modern and sophisticated look. Of course, I've also been known to wear a neon belt every day for a week, so I get that too :) Anyway, nice job shopping and don't worry about it too much. Wear what you love and you'll look (and feel) great.

  2. Jackie / / Reply

    I love the basic black. I always carry a multitude of scarves and pashimas with me when I travel. Lots of costume jewelry too. How about adding one other piece in a bright colour – I always love sapphire blue.

  3. Lara / / Reply

    Lovely basics! You can't go wrong with black IMHO. Your ideas to brighten it up sound fab to me. Go for some cute colourful jewellery and scarves – maybe some graphics/florals? A colourfully beaded clutch for the LBD ensemble…? Have a fab time! :)

  4. Anna Joyce / / Reply

    What about a bright cardigan or patterned scarf to throw over everything in a light texture and vibrant color- acid green or bright orange…Also some chunky necklace with colored beads- maybe some cool wrapped fabric beads?
    Also a fresh pretty face with a slick of bright JCrew inspired lipstick and some fresh rosy blush always adds color to your outfit and will feel great.
    HAVE FUN!!!
    Or a big canary yellow bag…bright cobalt shoes?
    I will post shopping links if I find anything.

  5. SaRaH / / Reply

    What a garde-robe! All are fabulous!
    Black with black is beautiful. For the "bright-up", i'm not sure about neon, but maybe gold or more yellow, light wood, and white!
    Have a wonderful time.

  6. Ez / / Reply

    Oh you all are uh-mazing!!! Thank you for all your tips and encouragement so far. I'm going to keep every single one in mind when I shop for my final pieces this weekend. Thanks a million! xo Ez

  7. MG / / Reply

    Some brightly colored scarves are an easy fix! Also, fun bold jewelry.

  8. Meg / / Reply

    I agree with the rest of them. Black is great. Punch it up with nice jewelry. Doesn't even need to be colorful if it's shiny. Take a scarf or pashi if you already have one or two.

  9. Katie / / Reply

    I am so not the person to give fashion advice, but I think soft colors might be a good way to temper the black, especially since they match the aesthetic of your blog. I guess I was thinking light pinks, or buttery yellows, and maybe some blue hues. You could look back over your cheap & chic posts–those were always great! Of course, you've probably done that at this point. I'm pretty sure you can do a lot with these gorgeous pieces. Seriously, trust your taste!

  10. Lauren / / Reply

    Do little touches of cobalt blue, that is supposed to be the it color of the season and it looks amazing with black. Make a pretty ribbon bracelet, grab a little leather belt, use a quick sweep of a blue liner.
    I like your black palette. It really works well since you have so many lovely textures and shapes. As long as you do not have a glum remorseful look on your face I am sure you will not look like you are going to a funeral.

  11. Sarah / / Reply

    Accessorize! Neon + black gets a little too eighties for me, but all you need is a fun pop of color here and there. All you need are a few simple touches and the outfits will speak volumes. Maybe a fun agate necklace or some chunky colored bracelets, and don't forget gold and silver are colors too! One of my favorite things to do when I travel is pick up a few scarves at H&M on the cheap and then you've got one of the most versatile accessories ever. If it's chilly enough you could even try some fun colored tights. You obviously have good taste so just use your best judgment and remember less is probably more!

  12. Eliza / / Reply

    I love the cropped shirts, and to add some color to them you should get some high waisted skirts with color. I was initially thinking maxiskirt, but a shorter skirt could work too.

  13. Jenn / / Reply

    Those are really nice pieces Ez. I'm pretty minimalist with accessories so I'd maybe a wrap colorful vintage scarf around my wrist or around the handle of the black bag. And if you're feeling brave, ankle socks under your peeptoe shoes.

  14. Rachel Ann / / Reply

    for the dress: hair up and a pop of color with some earrings

    for the beaded top: a tank under it in a color… peacock or coral

    for the button down: keep it simple… wear the watch… and up the makeup a bit.

    for the two flouncy tops: well they are screaming for a chunky statement necklace

  15. Jessica T. / / Reply

    I have a friend just like you who subconsciously refuses to buy anything other than black. So, I recommend that you get big statement jewellery. I'm thinking a big beaded turquoise necklace paired with a cute yellow belt. Or go out and get another pair of heels, but make sure they are coral :)

  16. shara / / Reply

    These are excellent basics! I agree with a lot of the comments that some colorful jewelry is maybe the way tog go. And maybe a skirt in a pretty, subdued color? Color can seem less scary if it's not next to your face (as in, a colorful top). J Crew and Madewell have some nice options. Or you could check out some thrift shops?

  17. cassandra @ coco+kelley / / Reply

    ha! your options look like all of my options! BLACK all the way! i'd say layer up some accessories – gold would be good. don't do a thing to that dress except fabulous shoes. for the blouse, i'd do a really fun necklace with a pop of whatever color you're comfortable with. and if you can invest in a big oversize clutch bag with big style, that will do the trick.

    i hope i run into you there!!! xoxo

  18. Meli (Blush + Jelly) / / Reply

    That dress is absolutely stunning! I think it would love even better with some bright colored shoes! Perhaps a red or turquoise. For all the other outfits just throw on some fun jewelry and mix n' match it! You are going to look great. :)

    P.S. My closet is just about the same color palette, all black and some denim.

  19. rooth / / Reply

    Get some big colourful sunnies – cheap and easy solution! Plus then you can act all celeb when the cameras start flashing

  20. Britta / / Reply

    I love everything you've shown here! (I am seriously coveting those black heels!) I have found that a huge portion of my fall/winter/spring closet is black and various shades of grey. I have had to make sure to have statement accessories–particularly those in bright colors or with interesting design. I also have determined the colors i am drawn to most often (aquamarine, coral, fuschia, yellow….) and have been making a conscious effort to buy some items in those colors (they all happen to match well, too). The thing with black and grey is they are such good go-to colors, but if you're like me and need a serious pick-me-up in the cold months, finding sweet, fun additions really makes a difference.
    Forever21 has great neon thin belts
    Delia's currently has a great bright blue animal-print dress that I am longing for
    Aldo's got some fantastic bright shoes right now
    Urban outfitters usually has pretty sweet scarves and offbeat jewelry
    Adding tawny items in with black changes up the mood entirely. It's one of my favorite combos (belt, shoes, purse…)

  21. Irene / / Reply

    May i suggest bringing in some color in the shoes.
    - The dress has a lot of great structure going – you can always soften it with nude color pumps – btw that color can elongate the legs which is not a bad thing.
    - The top with the line detail does not need much. A thin necklace would be great.
    - DKNY button down top, may i suggest wearing it untuck and wrapping a belt, similar to the one in the link, – And then loosen up the blouse to create a somewhat casual feel.

    Like mention you can bring in color in the shoes, and even in a clutch. I believe is less is more!

    Have fun!

  22. mays / / Reply

    dont get tanks, it will look much. go for statement or colored accessories. Like a turquoise ring, statement coral necklace, cuff bracelets, or a scarf, and get a nice cat eye sunglasses – i think it will add a nice simple chic touch to everything.
    The dress already looks stunning, its ok to just wear it on its own. but if you really want color, go for rings, bracelets, and stud earrings and just play up your makeup a bit.
    The black long sleeve will look great with some pendant necklaces or a statement necklace, even a colorful scarf would look nice. tie it to your bag for its pop of color too.
    The button up can use a statement necklace popping from underneath. a simple red belt will suffice, but if you have a beautifully detailed statement belt – wear it.
    im all for the minimalist look. But you can get a high waist skirt, like in jade green or something to wear with your tee.

  23. Renee / / Reply

    You scored some great pieces! My first thought is to tie in some camel and a touch of leopard – perfect for fall. I tend to go with classic, understated with a touch of trendy.

    Here are my ideas:
    Dress – leopard shoes or booties with a thick brass necklace
    Button up shirt – camel trousers with shirt half tucked with a black or leopard belt paired with your black heels (you can also wear these pieces with the two other plain black shirts)
    Black pants – pair with a camel or grey loose silk tee
    Black shirts – an army green pair of skinny pants rolled up and paired with your black sandals

    I hope this helps!!
    ps. I'm super jealous you're going to NYFW!

  24. Dryden / / Reply

    I love all your finds! I would wear any of those pieces, but I totally get your monochrome dilemma, I tend to wear a lot of black and grey as well. It will probably still be on the warmer side in NY during Fashion Week, so I might try a bright pair of sunglasses, a straw fedora with a colorful band, perhaps a small, colorful fascinator, or if it's even warmer than expected a colorful hand fan. These are just some out of the box suggestions, but I agree that jewelry, shoes, or makeup are a great way to add color. I don't know that I would add a belt to that gorgeous dress, the detailing is so amazing on it's own. Have fun in New York!

  25. Jo / / Reply

    You are going to look hot, lady! I love the sophisticated look. Bright nails, scarves, jewelry and purses are the way to add a little color.

  26. Kirstyn / / Reply

    Nothing wrong with an overdose of black, the dress is amazing by the way! Maybe a small injection of colour with jewellery??

  27. LaToya / / Reply

    ROCK what you have. You have some really good pieces so stick with them, like someone said you chose these items because it's YOUR style. However if you want to add color switch your black flats out for ones of color or use some colorful jewlery.

    Just make sure your comfortable and love with confidence what you decide to wear.
    Have Fun!

  28. Joanne M. / / Reply

    bright nails or bright lips will add color to your outfit too!
    you have some crushworthy pieces :) have a great trip!

  29. Joanna / / Reply

    get awesome flashy jewelry. aldo accessories has awesome pieces and it won't break the bank!

  30. Stephanie / / Reply

    I'm really surprised that all your pieces are black, considering how savvy your color palettes are on this blog! ha! I love the pieces you chose, that dress is stunning! Here's my recommendation: never underestimate the power of a bold red lipstick. It's the perfect accessory. I recommend using MAC's paint pot in "Painterlilly" for a base. It will make your lipstick last all day. Even after a meal.

    Have fun…totally jealous!!

  31. Deb / / Reply

    Ez, you always look so great so I wouldn't worry too much! Take a scarf, or two and a few accessories and you will be fine. I look forward to hearing about the trip! So exciting!

  32. minouette / / Reply

    Others have said it, but I love to wear and carry silk scarves. You can add colour to anything, and they are great for fall, because you can feel a lot warmer if the temperature turns. Black is great because it is classic, basic and neutral, so you can put anything you want with it. You can also go with a great, colourful pair of shoes. And though you say you feel flummoxed, your suggestions of bright belt or tank would of course work. I'm sure you'll look great. Good luck!

  33. Emily K / / Reply

    I love all of these suggestions! Don't know if you're into makeup or not, but I love trading out traditional brown or black eyeliner for plum. I have green eyes & adding purples to my lids really makes my eye color pop!

    And there's nothing wrong to sticking with a classic black palette – Michael Kors always wears denim, a black tee and black jacket!

    Have a wonderful time at Fashion Week! What an amazing opportunity!

  34. blue china studio / / Reply

    Sounds like a lot of people agree with me but I think all black is gorgeous, sleek, sophisticated. Throw some great earrings on and you are good to go.

    It is so nice to hear that you normally where the comfy T-shirt and jeans on a day to day basis. I work from my home so my wardrobe is about the same! I've shopped vicariously through you today. thank you.

  35. joni s. / / Reply

    i am not a basic black person, but i AM a charcoal and navy person. same diff, right? i like the idea of color peeking out from the black, and i am loving cobalt blue, raspberry, a rich pollen-y yellow, and a rusty orange. i think your pieces have great texture already, so a sleek accessory would be right such as a sleek tank top, a skinny patent belt, a statement necklace or cuff. how about colored socks with those rockin' shoes?

  36. Connie / / Reply

    Such beautiful cool stuff. Nicely done.You are so inately chic that you will probably figure out what to do all by yourself! However, since you asked, I would suggest a big comfy solid color (not black,maybe saffron or bright blue?) cardigan to wear on the plane and out at night (and back at home in front of the computer) and a nice colorful scarf. If you're not used to wearing belts, don't start now. You won't feel comfortable. But do save some room in your bag to shop for some cool jewelry in New York. I always find fun inexpensive stuff when I'm there. Oh yeah, have a blast!!!!!

  37. Marissa / / Reply

    you can never go wrong with black…just be sure to punch it up with bright lips (red is the color this season) and a playful polish.

  38. Stephanie / / Reply

    A colorful purse can really make a statement against an all black wardrobe. I like to have a larger daytime bag & then a small clutch inside which holds the essentials. Then you can easily pull it out for the evening when traveling. For personal comfort, keep your flats in the day bag too!

  39. amber / / Reply

    Ez, the pieces you have here are beautiful and so stylish. I, like you, have a closet full of black. Recently I have discovered leopard print, however. When I throw on a leopard-print scarf with one of my typical black ensembles, suddenly people start complimenting me on how lovely I look. I'm not saucy enough to go an entire leopard-print outfit, but the scarf is a definite favourite, and I have a little skirt that I wear with opaque black tights and a simple black (tight, ballerina-ish) top.

    I used to hate prints, but I have fallen for leopard because it goes brilliantly with black, is sexy, and warms everything up without being a bright colour pop.

    Not that there's anything wrong with a pop of colour either! I love coral pinks at the moment – perhaps a waisted belt or a pair of fabulous heels is what you need.

    Good luck, and have fun! xox

  40. Ez / / Reply

    Oh my goodness you guys! When I wrote this post I never would have imagined or even hoped for such an awesome response! Thank you all so much for your kinds words and incredible advice. I'm going to read through and absorb everything so that I can take you all shopping with me in my head this weekend. :-)
    xo Ez

  41. TNT Tauna / / Reply

    You can never go wrong with a LBD! I say the black dress with the peep-toe-strappy-heeled-boots. I'm not sure that the dress needs the belt, I'd have to see it on you but it probably could go either way. I like the watch but I would go with more feminine jewelry. The hoop earrings would go great. Then add a touch of color on your finger and toe nails and maybe a bright red lip. Curl your hair to dress up the look.
    Hope this helps. I'm sure you will do great! I'm totally jealous!
    TNT Tauna
    Fashion Stylist

  42. yelena / / Reply

    How about dangly earrings? Also, brightly colored jeans are popping up everywhere. And if you're not big on brighs, i love all the blush, beige, peach palettes. They go with black too.

  43. Kim / / Reply

    As a former New Yorker, I'm pretty into head-to-toe black. I agree with a lot of the other comments, play up the accessories. I feel like you can wear almost anything as long as you have good accessories. Really play up the jewelry & shoes & maybe do a big, non-black bag.

    Don't sweat it too much. NYC is all about confidence. Just own it & have fun!

  44. Marchelle / / Reply

    Ugh, sorry you'll have to copy and paste all those links…. hope it makes sense, and if not, I'll email you the links to make it easier.

  45. Kimbercrafts / / Reply

    For the cute black dress at the very top, perhaps try adding a pair of textured or colored tights. Also, nail polish in a bold color can work wonders. When in doubt, statement jewelry always does the trick! Stacked bracelets are all the rage lately. I hope you'll share some outfit photos from your trip! :)

  46. Meghan / / Reply

    It seems I am a little late here! I think the pieces you have are classics and can be worked togther really well in lots of ways. I liked the idea of scarves in a few shades like blue, peach or green to liven up the look without too much effort. I'd take a few long necklaces and bracelets in punchy colours if you have them. They don't take up space like shoes do!

  47. Taylor / / Reply

    I think with some fun jewlery and maybe colored accessories all of these would be fab! Bigger chunky earrings with the black dress and nude heels would look great!

  48. Stephanie / / Reply

    I wouldn't sweat it, you'de be shocked what people wear to fashion week. You will probably be one of the best dressed ones there with or without the accessories.

  49. klynnnn / / Reply

    I'm with the others, love the black wardrobe and I'm certainly no fashionista but if you're going the scarf route, I'm going to suggest you wait till you get to NYC … you can find a plethora of pashimas on almost every corner $5-$7 a piece. I also like the "statement ring" idea as well… some large dramatic color ring.
    Have fun!

  50. Alissa / / Reply

    I'm here via pintrest (someone pinned that amazing beaded top) and just have to say that you have such wonderful taste. I would love to own every single thing here… I am also going to Fashion Week and it's a stressful thing, huh?? I'm of the all black school too (plus good jeans) but c'mon – it's Manhattan and that's what works!

  51. Ez / / Reply

    Kay, you are amazing! Thank you so much for finding and sharing the link with us for the designer of my shirt! You just made my month! xo Ez

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