Nice Package: Awesome Free Printable Patterned Tag Sets

Hi guys! As you might know, my friend Marichelle and I had to make the tough decision to close our business Nice Package when I moved here to Oklahoma last year. We also decided recently to close our blog (it cost a lot to maintain). Fortunately my ex-business partner is also the world’s best friend too and she encouraged me to save and share all of our old posts with you here. So if you were a follower of Nice Package back in the day, these will not be new posts to you, but at least now they are not lost forever. Hooray!

To start out with I wanted to share one heck of a freebie with you guys: Free Printable Patterned Tag Sets. These tags were featured in Gifted Magazine last holiday, but the link in there for the download directed to our old site and no longer works…so here they are again!

These tags not only come in multiple shapes that are ready to be cut out and used, but are jazzed up with a slew of patterns and colors as well (5 patterns with 6 colors each to be exact). All credit for the pattern designs on each goes to Marichelle (I can do nothing in Illustrator).

Psst…I’ll also be sharing some DIY projects in the coming weeks that use these printables, so get started early and download your sets today. Please note that these are large hi-resolution files and may take a while to download.

Downloads are intended for non-commercial use and are not for distribution. If you would like to share these tags on your blog (thank you), please be sure to link directly to this post and do not host the actual PDF files on your site. Thanks so much! Enjoy! xo Ez