Today I Love: Illustrated Paper Garlands

Today I am looooving these illustrated garlands by Kaye Blegvad. My first favorite (though I love them all, so it’s hard to say) is probably her Illustrated Paper Birds Garland, followed by the Illustrated Paper Lions Garland (it would be so great for a little boy’s room) and Illustrated Paper Feathers Garland (love it).

There are even more illustrated garlands as well as some fabulous art prints in Kaye’s shop, so be sure to skip on over and check them out pronto. xo Ez

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  1. Roger / / Reply

    Thank you the post. Garlands are such a great way to celebrate and decorate!

  2. Rhônya Holman / / Reply

    What a beautiful work, I like especially the paper birds! By the way lovely blog Ez – creative and interesting. Keep up the great work and positive vibes. ^__^

    Have a wonderful week! =(^.^)=

  3. Laura / / Reply

    I have only just found your blog but it is such a joy to find a notification in my inbox- has cheered me up on an overcast day in Brighton! You have exquisite taste.

    Laura x

  4. Armani Watches / / Reply

    The Illustrated Paper Birds Garland is the best – I would definitely use it to decorate my apartment garden – it's a room in my house where i keep all the plants that can't stand the cold winter – I usually take them out in the sun during late spring and summer but I keep them inside during winter – and trust me – they fill a whole room. I always planed to decorate it and make it look like a sanctuary – the birds would look awesome!! Ty for sharing.

  5. Nancy / / Reply

    I so much enjoy your blog! The feathers are my favorite garland. I really enjoyed your book suggestions. The sentence you choose to use as an example of the Author's use of words, was heart touching to me. Thank you!

  6. Kaye Blegvad / / Reply

    Oh my goodness, thankyou so much for featuring me! I've followed your blog for forever- so excited to be on it. Thanks again!

  7. Mariana / / Reply

    Immediately bought both types of bird garlands, and the lion garland. LOVE.

  8. Lily / / Reply

    Oh these are perfect. I have a bird themed bedroom and one long, bare wall just begging for some artwork. Thanks!

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