The Bowed and the Beautiful

This entire post was inspired by this whimsical art print created by Amy Borrell of Cake With Giants. I simply love the idea of wee little Australian birds flitting around in vibrantly colored bow ties. Doesn’t the thought just bring a smile to your face too?


Inspiration: Birds of Australia Art Print by Amy Borrell of Cake With Giants | 1. Corset by Suzanne RaeSteven Alan | 2. Feather Print Gocco NotecardsMarelle | 3. Eames Green Thistle BowtieForage | 4. Lip DelightsMor Cosmetics | 5. Gala Shorts in Bright DahliaJ.Crew | 6. Archie Grand NotebooksJ.Crew | 7. Multi Colour Block Suede Platform SandalsTopshop

Psst…I just thought I should also point out that these picks are definitely meant to stand alone…not necessarily worn as one outfit (grin).