Pinterest Picks: 07. 11. 11

Happy Monday my sweets! Did you have a restful weekend? It was hot as blazes here (we were under a severe heat advisory all weekend—and still are), so there was a lot of lazing about and popsicle eating in mi casa. Which reminds me…have any of you tried this Zoku Quick Pop Maker? It’s looking mighty tempting right about now.

Anyhoo…Pinterest was rocking my world again this week, this time with loads of pretty golden and laidback goodies that are just perfect for a summery day. What do you think? If you’d like you can find more of my past pinterest collections right here. xo Ez

1. Protect your belvoved sunglasses with a DIY Stenciled Eyeglass Case from Say Yes to Hoboken (via Maize)2. The perfect Summer Glow on Leighton Meester, seen on Glam (via Melanie) 3. Fabulously arranged art wall with DIY Number Art Plank from Young House Love (via Joto) 4. A perfect little Summer Outfit from Life’s a Journal (via Nicole) 5. Love this Layered Jewelry Look from Atlantic-Pacific (via Senja)

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  1. Leslie H. / / Reply

    I bought the zoku a few weeks ago and have been using it every night since I bought it! I bought 100% juice and have been making very simple popsicles that way, but you can add fruit or making a fruit puree would be tasty too! It says that it takes 7-9 minutes but I leave mine in for 10 just to be safe. You'll LOVE it!

  2. Ashley / / Reply

    I have the Zoku too. We bought it when they first came out. It is a wonderful thing to puree some fresh fruit and yogurt or whatever and make your own in any flavor you like. Side note, though, don't be thinking you are going to make any sugar-free ones. They must have sugar in them to release from the sides of the freezy thing. They are very stringent about that in the instructions. Our current favorite is pureed peaches and vanilla yogurt.

  3. Joy / / Reply

    A great series of picks! Leighton Meester does look absolutely wonderful :D

  4. Libbie / / Reply

    Perfect. Just perfect. Love all of these pics! So summery!


  5. Carine / / Reply

    Love those interests, white and gold are always looking classy and modern, nice picks!

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